Emu New Hampshire

Emu New Hampshire: Escape Artist Loose In The Town Of Bow, Seen In 3 Different Neighborhoods

An emu in New Hampshire is on the loose and managing quite well to evade capture. The flightless escape artist is running around somewhere in the town of Bow and has been seen in three different neighborhoods. New Hampshire authorities have received several reports of this animal being spotted around town, according to Newsweek.

The Emu’s owner hasn’t come forward.

“Anyone with information on where this big fella belongs please call our dispatch center,” the Bow Police Department wrote on social media.

WMTW 8 reports that the emu in New Hampshire is loose in a heavily wooded area. One of the residents there, Dave Moland, spoke with the news station about his experience overseeing various types of animals, but not an emu.

“I’ve seen deer, fox, moose, turkey, porcupines, [but not an emu]. Never in my life. Not even in the zoo. I thought I’d have to go to Australia to see that. Didn’t think I’d see it here.”

Sgt. Art Merrigan says that neighbors saw the large Australian bird in their backyards on Saturday. Police have talked with everyone who owns an emu that they can think of and no one is missing one.

Merrigan adds that the bird is “flighty” and hard to catch. They’ve been in touch with a wildlife rehabilitator, however.

“We have contacted a wildlife rehabilitator and she has agreed that the next time we see it, to come out and try to capture it for us, because we just don’t have the equipment to catch it.”

Emus aren’t a dangerous animal, but this one could get hit by a car, which is Merrigan’s concern. He says that the emu in New Hampshire wanders close to the edge of the road then heads back into the woods.

If anyone gets within close proximity of the bird, Merrigan is urging people to call them instead of trying to capture it themselves.

If no one is missing the emu running loose around the small New Hampshire town, what else could explain the bird’s sudden presence? KSL reports that Bow Police Department dispatch supervisor Tricia Currier thinks the animal may have escaped from a farm.

At this point, no one has reported an emu missing from their lot of birds.

At least this case isn’t about loose crocodiles or snakes, as many of those instances are reported in the news quite often. The emu in New Hampshire is harmless and not really alarming anyone for the time being.

[Photo Credit: Bow Police Dept./Facebook screen capture]