Duggar Family Honors Mom Michelle On Her 49th Birthday [Video]

19 Kids and Counting has been canceled by TLC due to the ever-evolving Josh Duggar scandal. The family of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar has proven more than once that life does go on without a reality show, and they remain a close and prayerful family whether they are famous TV stars or not. (Though let’s face it, neither the scandal nor the cancellation has lessened the Duggars’ wildly popular status.)

The most recent Duggar family celebration involved the birthday of beloved mom Michelle Duggar, who turned 49 on September 13. According to Us Weekly, Josh was the only one of 19 children and five grandchildren missing from Michelle’s birthday celebration, as he is currently in Rockford, Illinois, in rehab at the Reformers Unanimous Center.

In a heartwarming tribute, some of Michelle Duggar’s kids filmed videos praising her for being such a wonderful mother. Jessa Duggar Seewald sent an especially poignant message to Michelle. According to People, she and husband Ben Seewald are expecting their first child soon, and Jessa says Michelle has exhibited many parenting skills that she herself will use as well. That is possibly the highest compliment a mother could receive.

“As Ben and I are looking forward to being parents in the next couple months I just think that are so many things that I learned from you that I’m really looking froward to implementing in my own home. You’re very patient with the kids and even whenever they’re acting up you’re very calm in the way you handle it.”

See the touching tribute to Michelle Duggar below.

Michelle’s husband Jim Bob praises her sweet spirit.

“Happy Birthday, Michelle. I love you so much. You’re such a Godly mother, and such a wonderful wife…We just are so thankful for you.”

Michelle’s patience has been noted in the past, as well. In this video from earlier days on 19 Kids and Counting, Michelle shares how and why she stays calm.

One of the things that stands out in Michelle Duggar’s memory that helps to keep her emotions in check is from something she studied in the past about the four points of anger.

“I don’t remember all the other points, but the one point that stuck in my heart, just pierced through my being, was the point about a soft answer turns away wrath. And I just remember, as we were going through this, I just began to cry. And my children were watching me with tears streaming down my cheeks and I just said, ‘I want you children to know that Mommy loves you, and I really am a nice person…And I said God is really convicting me about my anger problem.”

It appears Michelle Duggar conquered those problems long ago. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

[Image via Duggar Family Blog 2013]