Carlos PenaVega Jealous Of Mark Ballas And Alexa PenaVega

Carlos PenaVega Worried About Mark Ballas ‘Groping’ Wife Alexa On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

When Carlos PenaVega signed on for Dancing with the Stars, his biggest initial concern had nothing to do with his competition’s talent or learning new dance moves. According to the Big Time Rush star, he was more worried about what would be going on during his wife’s rehearsals.

Alexa and Carlos PenaVega are the first-ever married contestants to compete on Dancing with the Stars. This might seem like an advantage because the Spy Kids actress and the boy band star will be able to compare notes and practice their dance steps at home together, but Carlos recently admitted that there’s a major downside to being married to a fellow competitor — he had to get over his feelings of jealousy so that he could focus on the competition.

According to Carlos PenaVega, he really didn’t like the thought of Dancing with the Stars pro Mark Ballas putting his hands all over Alexa. Carlos and Alexa are going to be sharing their thoughts on their weekly DWTS experiences in a People blog, and their first post was mostly about what it’s like being the show’s first married celebrity couple.

“The main thing that concerned me was the fact that Lex was going to potentially have another guy groping her on the dance floor for the next three months,” Carlos wrote. “I wasn’t sure I could handle that.”

In other words, Carlos didn’t want Mark Ballas to get a “Big Time Rush” from touching his wife.

Carlos didn’t quit worrying about Mark’s “groping” until he and his own DWTS pro partner, Witney Carson, began practicing together. After Carlos started “grabbing” Witney, he discovered that dancing with someone doesn’t automatically spark sexual feelings.

“But I learned very quickly that just because dance is a very intimate sport, it doesn’t mean anything once the song is over. It wasn’t until we started rehearsal and I was grabbing Witney that I realized that. Your mind doesn’t even go there. You’re just focused on getting the steps right and doing well.”

Perhaps Carlos PenaVega concern stems from the romance that blossomed between a celebrity and his pro partner during last season of Dancing with the Stars. According to People, Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec and dancer Kym Johnson are still going strong. In fact, they’re reportedly acting “like an old married couple” already.

While Carlos is worried about his wife getting close to another man, Alexa PenaVega is more concerned about the competitive streak that she recently discovered in her husband. In her blog, Alexa wrote about Carlos’ insistence on comparing their routines, and she also dropped a hint about what fans can expect to see when they tune in tonight.

“For this first week, Carlos and I both are doing jives,” Alexa PenaVega wrote. “I didn’t really realize how competitive my husband was until we started doing this show. He kept trying to compare our dances, and I had to keep reminding him that every teacher and every song is going to make the dances different. His jive has a very classical feel to it, and mine is a lot more edgy.”

Alexa should also be a bit concerned about her husband’s boy band background giving him an edge. As you can see, Carlos had to learn a few dance moves during his Big Time Rush days. The Nickelodeon star also has the benefit of a big teen fan base that will tune into the show to vote for him, and some of these fans might be a bit jealous of his wife.

According to ABC, Alexa’s first dance will be to “Whistle (While You Work It)” by Katy Tiz, and Carlos will get down to “I Got You (I Feel Good)” by James Brown.

You can watch Alexa and Carlos PenaVega’s competing jives when Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image credit: ABC]