Jessa Duggar Seewald copes with backlash from selfie.

Duggar Family Backlash: Amy Bashed For Baring Bikini Body On Honeymoon As Jessa Duggar Sins With Selfies? [Photos]

Amy Duggar is enjoying her honeymoon with her new husband Dillon King. So Amy and her husband decided to share the joy by posting photos of her bare bikini body. But as Jessa Duggar Seewald just discovered, some former fans of the 19 Kids and Counting family are still following them faithfully – and that means that when those Duggar family followers don’t like what they see, they’re voicing their negative views.

For Amy, who just changed her last name from Duggar to King, the backlash came when her husband posted a video of his 28-year-old wife flaunting a no-straps two-piece that showed most of her body, reported Us Weekly.

After tying the knot on September 6, Amy and Dillon headed to Mexico for their honeymoon. And they made it clear on social media that they’re thoroughly enjoying their romantic stay in Cancun.

“I like our patio, our private plunge pool is so much more awesome, but my wife rocks even harder,” wrote Dillon to accompany a video that included the pool, spa, and his wife’s body.

Amy Duggar's new husband shared a video that included a view of his wife's bikini body.
Amy Duggar’s new husband shared a video that included a view of his wife’s bikini body.

But not everyone thought that Amy’s outfit was awesome.

“I would like to say congrats to u too [sic]!!!! However, Amy I wish you had a little more modesty,” noted a follower.

That fan pointed out that many girls view Amy as a role model.

“You are a beautiful woman with sooo many little girls watching you. I’m not saying you have to walk around with a trash bag on or wear skirts all the time (because I don’t). A lot of young girls would benefit from you being a little more modest in the things you wear and post on IG. No matter how you look at it… a 2 piece bathing suit is a fancy bra/panty set.”

But some took Amy’s side, arguing that the comments constituted body-shaming.

“Are you serious? She is wearing a bikini on her honeymoon. Women need to stop body-shaming other women! ‘Modesty,’ as you describe it, is nothing more than a tool for men to control women,” wrote another fan.

And it’s not just Amy who’s getting some backlash. Jessa Duggar Seewald also shared on social media recently and found herself targeted, reported SheKnows.

Jessa Seewald got some unpleasant feedback after sharing this selfie.
Jessa Seewald got some unpleasant feedback after sharing this selfie.

The pregnant reality TV star showed off her baby bump and got slammed by several users.

“Do you really need 1,000 people telling you how great you look after every selfie?” questioned one person.

Another accused Jessa of sinning, charging that she was vain.

“Isn’t vanity a sin?” questioned that follower.

And one viewer of Duggar’s selfie questioned her fondness for mirrors.

“You spend an awful lot of time in front of that mirror. Sheesh.”

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[Images Via Jessa Seewald/Twitter; Dillon King/Instagram]