Gisele Bundchen

Rumor: Gisele Bundchen Expecting Second Baby?

Is Gisele Bundchen working the runway for two?

There are rumors flying around the Internet that Brazillian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady are expecting their second child. The couple welcomed their first son Benjamin into the world in 2009.

Sources are telling various news outlets online, including the Hufington Post, that some assistants to the model were saying that when they helped her change outfits during a recent shoot they noticed unspecified changes to her figure. There is another rumor that she personally told her close friend and confidant Ricardo Tisci, a designer for Givenchy, and her family.

Epoca heard a rumor that the supermodel was two months pregnant when we saw her at the 2012 Met Gala, supposedly she is only waiting until she is at three months in order to make the announcement official.

The same sources who reported that Gisele is expecting are also all privately saying that they hope the couple have a little girl this time around. they say If her adorable clothing designer niece is any indication, that will be one adorable little girl.

The only issue is that Gisele has so far not shown any type of baby bump and when asked publicly what her assistants thought about the rumor they went to great lengths to neither confirm or deny it. We couldn’t help but notice that Gisele’s reps also refused to confirm or deny initial reports when news of her first pregnancy started floating.

Inquiries to Gisele’s publicist have so far not been returned.