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WWE News: Eric Bischoff To Appear On The ‘Stone Cold Podcast’ To Talk Monday Night Wars?

There are names in WWE history that are synonymous with controversy. Four non-wrestlers that immediately come to mind are Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Vince Russo, and Eric Bischoff. While Ross has never encountered true controversy, his likeness in WWE history will always resonate with the fans of the mid-90s and beyond. Ross will remain a legend for years to come.

As for the other three men, Paul Heyman became a household name with the incarnation of Extreme Championship Wrestling. After going bankrupt, Heyman came to the WWE and solidified his legacy with excellent commentary and booking. That leaves the conversation with Bischoff and Russo.

Both were fixtures during the Attitude Era. Prior to Russo’s WCW extravaganza, he was a writer for the WWE. Russo helped write the Attitude Era booking, and he did a great job with it. He and Vince McMahon worked well together, which gave the era the success it enjoyed. Bischoff tried to run the WWE out of town.

WCW was doing its own thing and did it very well for a time. They eventually lost to McMahon, but Bischoff put up a great fight during the Monday Night Wars. As for Bischoff, many thought he was done associating with the WWE. According to Ringside News and Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE Network may see Bischoff very soon.

“WWE is considering having Eric Bischoff appear on an upcoming episode of Stone Cold’s WWE Live Network podcast.

“Bischoff was very outspoken that the WWE’s version of the Monday Night Wars is largely a fantasy and would be great for the podcast since WWE loves to plug the Monday Night Wars on the WWE Network.”

The next guest for the Stone Cold Podcast hasn’t been announced, and the WWE plans on that being a monthly experience. It’s arguably the most entertaining show on the WWE Network and was a brilliant idea by their creative team. Stone Cold recently had Edge and Christian on his podcast. The reaction on social media proved why it was entertaining.

Vince Russo, who is never shy to express how he feels, talked about Eric Bischoff’s commentary on the Monday Night Wars series the WWE produced.

He said, “Eric Bischoff has obviously forgotten what the truth is.”

There’s a reason why the WWE brought in Bischoff for commentary and not Russo. Bischoff is a responsible figure in wrestling history, while Russo is often critical of the product and remains subjective with his opinions.

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