‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ Is The Internet’s Latest Sensation Thanks To Her Jaw-Dropping Pics On Instagram

Kaiycie Palmers, dubbed the World’s Sexiest Nurse, has thousands of followers on her Instagram account. Her followers, all smitten by the gorgeous photos she regularly uploads on her account, even leave comments that are along the lines of “they want to contract Ebola and other illnesses so that Kaiycie will take care of them.”

When she’s not being the World’s Sexiest Nurse for her Instagram followers and the whole wide web to gawk at, Palmers is busy with her day job as a nurse in New York City. Kaiycie, or Kai, according to her Facebook account, is also studying at New York University.

Aside from posting adrenaline-inducing selfies on Instagram, the World’s Sexiest Nurse is also an avid traveler who has visited dream destinations like Turks and Caicos, Bali and Puerto Rico.

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In her Instagram bio, the ‘World’s Sexiest Nurse’ wrote: “Don’t chase the paper.. chase the Dream.”

While the World’s Sexiest Nurse may have gained a lot of followers because her modeling photos were widely circulated online, Instagram “models” like her are also being criticized for posting publicly accessible half-naked photos of themselves.

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Those who openly criticize the “instawhore” culture say that women who post revealing photos of themselves on Instagram and other social media platforms lack self-esteem. These women, according to critics, rely on the number of likes their photos attract to feel good about themselves.

Furthermore, those who frown upon the narcissistic selfie generation believe that Instagram “models” are selling themselves and that they are tricked into believing that their admirers really like and care about them.

Much has been said about women who post sexy photos of themselves on Instagram but can we really say that gorgeous women like the World’s Sexiest Nurse lacks self-esteem? On the other end of the argument is that women like Palmers do not suffer from low-esteem and that they’re just confident with their looks.

In the case of the World’s Sexiest Nurse, she has a well-paying job, travels a lot, and has a figure that’s to die for. She may be simply extremely happy with the way she looks and the compliments she gets that’s why she has no problem with posting sexy – often scantily clad – photos of herself for everyone to see.

Kaiycie Palmers, the World’s Sexiest Nurse, currently has more than 138,000 followers on Instagram.

[Images via kaicrye Instagram]