Donald ‘Trump’ Card For Democrats As Republicans Mull $20 Million Fox Smear Campaign

The GOP is allegedly attempting to target Fox News viewers by spending $20 million, plus $2 million per week, to smear Donald Trump’s presidential bid. The charisma of Donald Trump, carrying him through his speeches and polls alike, have unnerved more than the Democrats. His fellow Republicans have had enough of his sexist and flagrant anti-immigration rhetoric. As the New York Times reports, the GOP (The Republican Party) are now conspiring against him, and may seek to target Fox News viewers to smear his campaign in an “anyone but Trump” strategy already seen against another populist British candidate for Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

It is not just the fact that Republicans fear Trump cannot win against Sanders, should the two face off (the pools would suggest so), it would mean that the gaffes which made him so popular would become his greatest weakness as taking the female and minority vote has been a significant factor in the last two Democratic presidency bids. The worry is also that Republicans could lose their current Senate majority. This liability, however, has not stopped the hoard of Trump supporters who welcome the businessman’s view of international relations as making favorable deals.

The Donald “Trump” card is currently a top runner for the GOP nomination and that means, if he really is going to lead the GOP to ruin, he would ironically become a trump card for the Democrats. Whichever side benefits from Trump, however, the fact remains that the wild-west, gun-slingin’ persona of American politics is having its fifteen minutes. The latest polls of the Republican Primaries show Donald Trump leading.

Republican Primary Polls As Of September 5, 2015

The latest polls show Donald Trump way out front, with 32.1% of the overall vote.
The latest polls show Donald Trump way out front, with 32.1% of the overall vote.

The second place GOP candidate Ben Carson has surged forward in the polls, partly on his taking a similar stance to Trump, and even defending Trump, indicating a credible GOP nominee to challenge stereotypes within the party and even to the wider national and international community who would never consider the right-wing in America capable of promoting an African-American for president. With such potential for Republicans to chisel at the African-American vote and by maintaining the same rhetoric on immigration and anti-Obamism, Trump could find his popularity decline as Republicans begin pushing against him with propaganda targeted towards Fox News viewers, and pushing forward the upstart African-American Republican who shares the charisma and ideology of Trumpmania. Some have even suggested a Trump/Carson ticket.

In either case, the 2016 presidential election has become one of the distinction between having character and being a character. Trump is definitely indulging in — and benefiting from — the latter.

[Photo by Spencer Platt /Getty Images and Poll Chart Creator /HuffPost Pollster]