Giada De Laurentiis Officially Divorced

Giada De Laurentiis Divorce Will Cost Her Millions — Find Out Why [Video]

Giada De Laurentiis is now a free woman after her divorce from ex-husband Todd Thompson became official. Too bad that the word “free” isn’t exactly synonymous with how much the divorce is costing her.

TMZ somehow managed to get its hands on the final divorce judgment. The gossip site learned that Giada must pay child support to Todd in the amount of $9,000 per month. But it gets better; at least for Thompson. He reportedly gets the couple’s $3.2 million house in Pacific Palisades and approximately $300,000 worth of “art and furnishings”.

It didn’t end there.

De Laurentiis must give Thompson 50 percent of the unpaid advances for all of her cookbooks that are currently in the works. According to TMZ, her advances came to a ” $2.5 million balance for Giada at Home/Weeknights with Giada, $2.3 million for Giada Feel Good Food, and $757,000 for Everyday Pasta/Giada’s Kitchen.” The advances come to $5,557,000 total, which means that Todd Thompson should walk away with about $2,778,500. They’re also dividing up bank accounts.

How in the world did Todd Thompson manage to leave his marriage to Giada De Laurentiis with such a huge chunk of his ex-wife’s fortune? The explanation is a pretty simple one: There was no prenup, and Giada happens to be the richer of the two.

While Giada De Laurentiis is currently worth $20 million, former hubby Todd Thompson is reportedly worth $15 million. Though each person is rich in their own right, no doubt the “no prenup” factor worked in Todd’s favor when everything was finally settled. Perhaps Giada will, should she ever marry again, think long and hard about getting herself a prenup before walking down the aisle.

People reports that Giada De Laurentiis first separated from Todd Thompson, who works as a fashion designer, in July 2014. The couple was married for 11 years prior to filing for divorce. Although Giada is paying child support, the pair has agreed to share custody of 7-year-old daughter, Jade Marie.

The only good news to be had for Giada is that once she cuts her costly ties with Todd, she won’t have to pay him any spousal support. TMZ says since they’re “both rich,” there was no reason for either party to request it.

Since Giada De Laurentiis and Todd Thompson were rather wealthy before the divorce, do you think it’s fair for Giada (or any spouse) to have to pay out so much money to their former partner? Should Todd have gotten such a huge chunk of wealth he didn’t need? Please share your thoughts on this pricey celebrity divorce below!

[Image Credit: Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images for Hamptons Magazine]