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Van Halen Postpone Summer Tour Dates

Van Halen

Van Halen has abruptly postponed more than 30 summer tour dates after June 26th, with no explanation for why.

Rolling Stone reports that the band has canceled more than 30 long-anticipated shows, including Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, and El Paso.

According to David Berger with The Salt Lake Tribune, he received a message from United Concerts, saying:

“The Van Halen show at Energy Solutions Arena Tuesday September 4th will be temporarily postponed. Future dates to be announced. The on sale for this Friday May 18th is also postponed. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

A press release by AEG Live regarding the El Paso show on September 11th stated:

“Future dates to be announced.”

One concert-business source who has knowledge of Van Halen’s tour told Rolling Stone that:

“You want to know the absolute fuckin’ truth? I have no fuckin’ idea.”

Another source reported that the band members, “hate each other.” And also that:

“The band is arguing like mad. They are fighting.”

A source at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut, where the band was going to play on July 7th, before the cancellations were announced, stated:

“It’s selling pretty good – I don’t know why they would say it’s being canceled.”

Clearly, the band’s cancellations were not due to ticket sales, as many show shave either sold out, or are close to doing so. Jack Larson, who is the vice president and general manager of the Xcel Energy Center, stated:

“We’re selling really well. We’re looking forward to it.”

According to PollStar, Van Halen’s tour is to support their album, A Different Kind Of Truth, which is the first album to include new material with the band’s original frontman, David Lee Roth. It is also the first album that includes Wolfgang, Eddie Van Halen’s son, playing bass guitar.

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11 Responses to “Van Halen Postpone Summer Tour Dates”

  1. Steve James

    "Another source reported that the band members, 'hate each other.'".
    TRANSLATION: It takes less and less time these days for the Van Halen brothers to get tired of DLR's prima-donna bullshit.

  2. Michael Dandridge

    I think its time for you to step in and be that calming influence they need – go ahead make that call.

  3. Brian J. Arra quoted a source close to the tour who said the band members all "hate each other" and "are arguing like mad."

  4. Tim Murtaugh

    I hope it's all rumor and that they don't "hate each other." Postponed doesn't mean cancelled and hopefully it's because they wanted a break. They've been on the road for a while and they're not young cats anymore, except Wolf of course. Hopefully they're not fighting and that Eddie is well. Cancer is the worst!

  5. Brian Cowan

    it's just not the same as it was 20yrs. w/these guys..Eddie included…it's just not there anymore…I don't know what happened but you listen to them now and compared w/80's-90's…it's borderline pathetic…wish it weren't true but…

  6. Tim Murtaugh

    Well, they are close to 60 now. The Dead didn't sound like they did in the 70's/80's in the end but it was still a good time. As crazy as it sounds when I saw them back in March it was the best concert I had seen in a while. Lots of fun

  7. Ej Jari

    Wish Rhoads was around to cast the proper shadow on this pathetic situation..

  8. Larry Wood

    SAMMY should of stayed with EDDIE and the boys on this round.. OLD tricks are not forgotton.

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