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Chris Wallace Trounces Jeopardy Power Players By A Lot (VIDEO)

Chris Wallace (far right) already boasting a pretty healthy lead

Chris Wallace does his best to combat the “injustices” of the liberal media on Fox News Sunday, but served up a round of humble pie on another program, unceremoniously trouncing BBC’s Katty Kay on the game show Jeopardy! on Wednesday.

At the closing bell, the Fox News host boasted $22,400 compared to BBC World News America host Katty Kay’s dismal $8,000. The third contestant, Dr. Oz host Dr. Mehmet Oz, came in last with $5,900. Chris Matthews, another liberal media figure, played on Monday finishing dead-last with a paltry $2,300. This, combined with the sad showing Wednesday against Wallace, prompted one conservative columnist to quip, “And liberals claim they’re the smartest. Ha!”

The Jeopardy! Power Players match was all in good fun, as contestants tested their knowledge base against each other in the name of charity. Wallace took home $50,000 for his favored charity, Hope for the Warriors, an organization that supports members of the military and their families who are affected by either serious injury or death in the line of duty.

Monday’s show featured former White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, who beat contestants Lizzie O’Leary of CNN and the aforementioned Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Tuesday had CNBC anchor David Faber, who beat basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and another former press secretary, Dana Perino (a conservative). Thursday will see a showdown between Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page, NBC’s Chuck Todd, and comedian Lewis Black.

My money’s on Black.

It’s a good thing that these media-heads chose to compete on Jeopardy! How else are we supposed to tell what news outlets are trustworthy?

In any case, congratulations to Chris Wallace and his charity, who are the real winners here. Here’s a video highlight of the trouncing.

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28 Responses to “Chris Wallace Trounces Jeopardy Power Players By A Lot (VIDEO)”

  1. Anonymous

    The questions were very easy, and he didn't have top flight competition either.

  2. Anonymous

    typical, make excuses. let me guess chris matthews had hard questions and even harder competition right? i love how he thought istanbul had 6 letters thats classic

    Later, after Trebek said, "A U.S.D.C. is one of these, charged with the jurisdiction of a specific region," Matthews responded, "What is a U.S. attorney?"

    The correct answer was "What is a district court?"

    In the category "6-Letter World Capitals," the clue was "St. Basil's Cathedral is there." Matthews responded: "What is Istanbul?"

    The correct answer: "What is Moscow?"

  3. Anonymous

    Another win for FOX NEWS.
    SUCK it MSNBS.

  4. Anonymous

    I wonder if Chris Matthews had tingles running up his thigh for Obama when he came in DEAD LAST.

  5. Anonymous

    Fox's viewership is old people. Who have nothing to do but sit and watch TV.

    MSNBC is liberal, and liberals have better things to do than to watch 24/7 news.

    Fox News has been proven to lie consistently. It's a shame you people follow that garbage.

  6. Anonymous

    Dumb and liberal go together like bread and butter!

  7. Jerd Garner

    like Gregory answered I am startled that anyone can make $9490 in four weeks on the internet. have you read this website lazycash42.c()m.

  8. Anonymous

    Liberal loon Chris Matthews is one of the dumbest people I've ever seen on Jeopardy. I guess listening to Obama speak made "tingle" a little too much.

  9. Martin Thorne

    And don't forget CNN'S Wolf Blitzer's "embarrassing" appearance last year. I think he was the all-time champion of a negative-number finish.

  10. Martin Thorne

    @cajohnston4: Now isn't your response just like a Liberal – emotional and scatter-brained. One doesn't need to "watch 24/7 news" to be knowledgeable. And your last line is laughable. Well, except to you, of course.

  11. Frank Ross

    Shows once again conservatives know what they are taking about…the mouth lefty Chris Matthews deomonstarted how little he knows about anything. Conservatives are educated and understand the world whereas liberals are symbolism over substance (to use Rush Limbaugh's well coined phrase).

  12. Martin Thorne

    Gayle, I see you are a "Top Commenter". Congratulations. I have no doubt the award is based on quantity, not quality. "Adolph" (Hitler?) was not a conservative, and the NAZI Party was NOT conservative, but socialist. But don't take MY word for it: Google NAZI Party and learn. And "Eva"? Would that be "Braun", Adolph's mistress…or "Peron"?

  13. Gayle Gerard

    Whichever political alliance pushes the eradication of the poor and the ascension of the rich, and believes that there should never be equality or fairness in society are the ones I'm talking about. I was just thinking "dicatatorships."

  14. Gayle Gerard

    Whichever political alliance pushes the eradication of the poor and the ascension of the rich, and believes that there should never be equality or fairness in society are the ones I'm talking about. I was just thinking "dicatatorships."

  15. Gayle Gerard

    Martin Thorne is so brilliant, isn't he??? And so much better than the rest of us. Clearly, he should run everything because I'm certain he has ALL the right answers.

  16. Anonymous

    @Martin Thorne: You keep saying nonsense like that and I'll actually start to believe you're that uninformed about history. I'm sure you know that the National Socialist Party wasn't actually socialist, it was fascist; a socialist party and a communist party ran against the Nazis. Now if you want to to keep spreading nonsense, fine, but just know that people will start assuming that you believe those lies.

  17. Anonymous

    cajohnston4, if you choose not to process information from multiple sources, that's your problem. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX are all the same to me, mixing opinion with news for ratings. If you haven't figured that out, you're pretty slow compared to the 'old folks', whatever the hell that inane remark is supposed to mean. The phrase, 'you people' gives away your intelligence quotient, which can't be much.

  18. Brian Sumpter

    AH was a facist, which means corporate dictatorail control. He was a socialist in name only, he had retarded children murdered. I guess he was a
    'compassionate conservative"!! He also used his military to gain acess to oil supplies! Sound familliar, big boy?

  19. Carl Robbins

    cajohnston4 Calm down DAN we know you feel you were wronged. But you couldn't keep a stranglehold on the "News" forever and the days of boldface lying to the public (Evil Cronkite claiming US lost TET offensive..etc) are over and so are you.

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