Alison Sweeney exits "Biggest Loser."

Alison Sweeney, ‘Biggest Loser’ Host, Exits: Star Credits 30-Pound Weight Loss To Jillian Michaels’ Diet Tips [Video]

Alison Sweeney is exiting The Biggest Loser. And although the reality TV competition that promises heavyweights big money for shedding major pounds will start filming for a new season in September, Alison has decided to end her run as host, reported MSN.

Sweeney’s departure from The Biggest Loser was confirmed by the show’s producers. She’s been famed as the host for years.

In 2007, Alison replaced Caroline Rhea as host. Sweeney’s calm manner amid the sometimes chaotic, frenzied environment then made her on a winner on The Biggest Loser since Season 4.

Alison recently left the soap opera Days Of Our Lives, which she portrayed Sami Brady. But although Sweeney won’t return to The Biggest Loser, she will make a comeback to mark the 50th anniversary of Days of Our Lives in November.

And Alison isn’t giving up her acting career. She successful sold Love On The Air to the Hallmark Channel and will also executive produce and star in the film. In addition, Murder She Baked will have a third film.

Sweeney has been candid in revealing that The Biggest Loser helped her overcome her life-long battle with her weight. And when Alison was 16 and beginning her soap opera career, she felt especially self-conscious about her weight, she told the Daily Mail.

Although Sweeney wouldn’t have been a candidate for The Biggest Loser (she says at her heaviest weight, she wore a size 12), she still struggled with slimming down for the figure-conscious entertainment industry.

“Being surrounded by such thin, gorgeous actresses made me so insecure and self-conscious,” admitted Alison.

Sweeney’s turning point came when she hosted The Biggest Loser.

In particular, Alison credits trainer Jillian Michaels for influencing her. Sweeney says that Jillian, who also exited The Biggest Loser, made her realize how much she could learn about the right diet.

“I asked her for advice, and she rocked my world. I wasn’t eating the right kinds of calories. I didn’t know about healthy carbs such as brown rice and lentils. Now I eat small meals throughout the day: oatmeal with cinnamon to start, fruit and yogurt as a snack, and vegetables or salad with chicken or tuna, and a healthy carb, like a yam, for lunch.”

In addition, Alison skips carbs at dinner and nibbles on a salad. Sweeney also follows The Biggest Loser guidelines to exercise regularly.

“I maintain by going to Spin four or five days a week. I love that I can get a solid butt-kicking in 40 minutes. I also strength train two or three times a week. And I do yoga, which I now enjoy so much, when I can. I look forward to it.”

As the Inquisitr reported, Jillian subsequently revealed that she felt forced to leave The Biggest Loser when she and the producers clashed on weight loss transformation guidelines.

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