Tom Frankenberg: Heartbroken Man Gives Away Dream Vacation For Free

Would you like to go on a dream vacation to Malta, including a stay at a four star hotel and a rental car…for free? If so, email Tom Frankenberg, the man who is giving away a dream vacation, originally planned for the girlfriend who dumped him.

The 22-year-old explains during his video, titled “Tom Goes Crazy And Gives Holiday Away,” was posted to YouTube on Saturday, after Tom’s girlfriend dumped him. In the video, he explains how he was dumped, and his reasoning for offering the $1,600 vacation for free.

The guitar teacher and photographer told the BBC that:

“I had this holiday that I couldn’t go on. I couldn’t sell it. I couldn’t get a refund. I was pretty stuck.”

He states that so far he has received 30 email responses, and over 100 comments on the video. He also told the BBC that:

“The majority of responses are not people nominating themselves…it’s actually people nominating other people which is really nice actually, that people are doing that.”

Mirror News reports that Tom was worried his video would be considered a scam, when in reality, he explains:

“I just lost my mind and decided to do something nice.”

He went on to mention that:

“We live in a broken world. A place where people get hurt, where war happens, where equality just doesn’t exist and I want to fix it. Hopefully this video will inspire you to do the same, even if it’s just a little thing. Like sitting next to that lonely kid at school or buying a homeless person a sandwich for lunch on the streets. It all counts and together we can make this place a better place to live in.”

The vacation is set for July, and a winner will be picked by Tom Frankenberg in June.