school misspells name

School Misspells Name For Nine Years

Nine years ago a Fort Worth elementary school changed its name to Sunrise-McMillan Elementary School. And they’ve been misspelling it ever since.

The school, which changed its name to honor its first teacher, Mrs. Mary McMillan, has been putting an extra “i” in its name for the last nine years. So instead of “Sunrise-McMillan, the school has been using “Sunrise-McMillian.”

MSNBC reports that just about everything at the school was using the misspelled name. The lettering on the school building, signs round the school, logos, and its Facebook page all used an extra “i.”

The lettering on the building was finally changed this week.

Principal Marion Mouton said he was happy that the mistake was finally caught but there’s a lot of work to do now to get rid of that pesky “i.” Mouton said:

“Our day-to-day things that we just take for granted now and, as we’re coming up with it, we’re seeing ‘OK, that’s something else we need to fix.'”

The school said that it hopes to use the error to teach kids about taking responsibility, checking their work, and moving on from an error.

Mouton didn’t say how much it would cost to fix all of the errors but said that the school was working to keep costs down.