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Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal could lead to divorce


Jon and Kate Gosselin from the TLC reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8 may be heading for a divorce court due to a cheating scandal.

The scandal was sparked by a Us Weekly story earlier this week that claimed Jon was caught leaving a club at 2 am with another woman. According to other reports, in February several students at Juanita College rebuffed Jon’s advances even though he reportedly told them “he was getting divorced.”

There’s no official word from Kate yet, and Jon is denying an affair, saying only that he was at the club with “a friend” who just happened to be female. Yeah, because it’s normal for married men to party with other women at nightclubs into the early hours :-)

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49 Responses to “Jon and Kate Plus 8 scandal could lead to divorce”

  1. julaine

    I'm so disheartened by this news. I don't think she would ever be able to forgive him, unless she has been seei8ng someone on her over night “business trips” as well………..She is just too smart and cagey to get caught. Breaks my heart either way and I can no longer watch the show, repeat after repeat, wait a minute they just renewed their vows. Show Business I suspect!

  2. Louis Gray

    Love the kids. Like Jon. Strongly dislike Kate. Watching her on the show is like seeing someone scrape fingernails on the chalkboard.

  3. Kim

    I don't believe anything the media reports unless there are hard core evidence. If it's true Jon had an affair as reported, where's the photo's?

  4. Angela

    i use to watch the show but its like the money went to there head.kate had really good ideas about shopping and doing stuff with the kids. just look at her now tummy tuck white ass teeth and her hair she just let her head get to big

  5. Karin

    Here is how I see it, Kate, God love her, is a dominate personality who has treated Jon as one of the kids. Is it really that surprising that he is rebelling like a teenager? Maybe some good marriage counseling could help and time away from the spotlight. It is a shame that they finally were able to survive those difficult years only to have new challenges. I wish them the best of luck.

  6. 5kidzmama

    My kids and I have always loved the show until this season. Kate went from being a “normal” mom to having a stuck up attitude.

  7. dascas

    People…you guys just LOVE smut.
    These people have brought a lot of joy through our tv's to our hoes for years and it saddens me that the human race loves to see people being brought down. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!!!!
    PLEASE, do not read these sickening articles and please do not buy the smut magazines spreading the word about such and such doing such and such. People are only human. Jon is allowed to have a life and to have friends and to get drunk if he wants. YOU do not own these people and it is only your fault if you start buying this trash. I mean. come on…they are doing the best they can and I am on their side. The media has a really disgusting way of bringing people down. What…are we going to be hearing that Matt Roloff has been having a tumultuous affair with another littlel person now. I MEAN COME ON!! Try to be the mature people your parents intended you to be, enjoy the show and live and let live. Why does there always have to be such ugliness. Shame on you all!!

  8. girlie

    and why can't i find a man like Jon??? it's great girls like myself that can't find great guys like himself that dispise unappreciative wives…go get em Jon!

  9. lauren

    i agree they should get divoriced. that was really mean and freakin rude of him'!!!

  10. get out jon

    can you blame him?, his wife is the biggest bitch on earth

  11. Mommy to three

    Kate earned this! She puts her husband down in every show, treats him like a dog. It makes me sick that any woman can treat a man like that. I hope he finds himself a much more NICER woman!!!!

  12. Susie Schirman

    REALLY….Okay someone please step in their place and do better….
    Life is tough and we all get by the best we can. They found away to finance there kids and give them what we all want to give our children. So shame on anyone who can critizise. If you don't like what they are doing then offer to HELP

  13. Susie Schirman

    REALLY..a “nicer” woman who wants 8 KIDS

  14. davenna

    Really….people….this nation has just become a throw away nation. We have problems so we trade in for another?
    I've been married for 24 yrs and has it been hard at times HELL YES but you DONT give up. They can make it if we support them. Where are the fans???? If you watched you are obligated to help encourage.

  15. davenna

    Ok really you would deny her a tummy tuck????? Have you had 8 kids and wanted to feel appealing to you husband?
    teeth white….Hey i'll take what ever anyone gives me and as I recall Jon got his done as well.
    If her head is big well then he needs to do something to help his get bigger in a family sence. I feel she has taken over in order to provide for the kids. This way they are getting what all kids receive…bikes, schooling, clothing , shoes, and good food. Hey and they even get some great vacations. This is the great american way, learn how to make a living. They don't expect handouts they are working for everything they get. How many of your would give up your privacy to finanace your kids future?????

  16. richard

    Why can't we all just get along? Things will be what things will be, don't rush into the dark without a flashlight, or a really strong forehead! If Jon was up to no good , he'll pay the price one way or the other. Sure it's fun to laugh at people's “misfortune” especially if they brought it on themselves,but we don't need to get caught up in the middle slinging names at each other do we? Just think of how you would feel if this were you< I think I would have another huge beer , pray for the kids, and sign off……

  17. julaine

    I would really just love it if they would make a “show” about this whole thing and how they arrive at any conclusion they come to, how they present it to the children, and then who and when they decide where they will live and how often both parents will stay in the same room with them. I have been married 40 years, 3 children, last one handicapped and living with us, she is 28 years old and “JON I STILL WIPE HER BUTT” It could be worse and his 8 children WILL grow up and move away some day. Hope they can get over this, rediscover their love for each other and show younger married couples that it is possible to get over the many problems life throws at you while you are soooooo comfortable living it…………..before another challenge comes after your ass!

  18. towsonu2005

    I wouldn't blame Jon one bit for cheating on Kate. She is such an evil shrew and deserves everything that she gets. That being said, both Jon AND Kate make me sick. These two shamelessly exploit their 8 children purely for their own monetary gain, it's sickening. I'm starting to wonder if they used fertility treatments solely so they could have numerous children in the hope they would get a reality show and make a boatload of money. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if that was the case.

  19. lola

    you guys better stay marrieed and keep on having the show!!!!!!

  20. Jesseh

    If you ever watch the show, Johns body language reveals he's unhappy anyway. Plus he's like only 28-30, and most marriages end in divorce anyway. Kate doesn't need him! In fact I want to see Kate and John break up – then they can have fer find a man willing to help father all 8 of her children too? Lol, that'd make for one killer Bachelorette I'd actually be willing to watch. She also loves the limelight and John doesn't. That probably also tore them apart.

  21. Anita

    Yeah, condeming photos – Jon getting into a car with a woman. What if that had been his sister, or his college friend in town for the weekend – how would we know the difference. Google does not think for me!

  22. Anita

    Can someone explain what there is here to get divorced over? Oh wait, that is why our divorce rate is over 55% in this country – you can't have a drink with a friend without it being grounds for a divorce. One question: do you have a chain to keep your husband at your side?

  23. Anita

    Have you ever heard of editing room floor? There are 168 hours in every week and we see less than 40 minutes each week. do you really think that is the only interaction that takes place in that home? That edited version of life is what TLC wants you to see, that is what sells TV. Would you tune in if it was all lovey, dovey? We watch because it is real and cutting – which is what we get – the edited version of life with Jon and Kate.

  24. me

    no but do you sit and watch this crap and feed he wallets of these people. So what they had 8 kids!! Does that mean that everyone should sut around watching these idiots and making them rich! What a sad pathetic world that people need to sit and watch this ridiculous show.

    You want to see something intersting , go for a walk or soemthing. Get a life and go spend time with somebody instead of sitting in front of the tv. Kate is a complete bitch with a crappy attitude. She should have been kicked to the kurb way back.

    No wonder he wants to be around other normal women, so he can actually have some kind of life as Kate is a firek with sever OCCD.

  25. Maria

    I'm with you! Kate does treat him pretty bad! If I would talk to my husband like that he would never forgive me!!!

  26. pam

    kate is really a mean person, I watch the show all the time. and the minute jon comes thru the door after a hard day at work,she is yelling at him to help with the kids; especially in public. nobody wants to hear her yell out in public. she seems to think everything revolves around her. i dont condone jon cheating [it happen to me] but who can blame him. also how could they afford to buy 24 acre land ; if they were getting ski outfits and everything else donated to them? just asking. i will pray for jon and kate and those beautiful babies;

  27. brenda

    I agree with Louis. I think Kate is hateful and bossy and everything has to be done her way.

  28. Heather

    First of all people really need to STOP judging people! Really, what would you do if someone told you they had secretly been filming you for the past year? Think about it, what kind of morning person are you? How do you act when youre angry or upset? O.K. these two willingly put their lives out there for all of us to see but that doesnt mean that their any less human! People make mistakes, people get cranky and bossy and to all of you saying they had all these children just for publicity, who knows, who cares? All I'm saying is God love em' they brought 8 beautiful children to bless this Earth! Seriously who cares how or why they got here? Jon and Kate obviously love those children and thats all that should matter! Now they have to go through all of this marriage crap in FRONT OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! I wish them all the luck and I really do hope they make it work, somehow!

  29. CLS

    So I just googled it. I found pictures of Jon kissing his wife, playing with his kids, and the one infamous scandal picture. One picture. If this was true there would absolutely be more pictures. Ya'll need to stop thriving on someone's fall and help them out! How can so many people find joy in believing and supporting such a rumor. What has happened??

  30. mandie

    he did have an affair, didn't you watch the premier, he admited he was sorry, he doesn't have to explain what , we all know what he was talking about and kate now knows it's true. it's ashame that 8 kids have to suffer through their parents mistakes and greed for money. unfortunatly that's what it comes down to, money and greed. why else put their lives and kids on a show. i do wish them the best, but, it doesn't look goo.

  31. adriana

    ok it is true that he was at the club with a WOMAN! he admit it .while kate was away working he was suppose to have the kids ………………so what is a married man with 8 kids doing out at night with a”friend” bs i would of kicked his ass to the curve too. wouldnt you ?

  32. adriana

    jon must not love his kids that much if he willingly is putting them through hell he had to know what he was doing wasnt right

  33. adriana

    i encourage kate to leave his cheating ass .. women we are stronger now and with different mentality .love yourself and respect youself . dont let a dirt bag make you loose that !thats what we should encourage,not oh marrige is hard but if you just bent over and take it it will all be ok .

  34. adriana

    i disagree with you ! i've been in a abussive relationship (not physical) and i can tell you jon is one abussive MF thats why shee is like that you can tell she is frustrated with him being an idiot

  35. brenda

    you are right he has the right to his own life , and get DRUNK? with 8 kids? no i dont think so i'm sorry but we the public dont own him you are right on that but his children do

  36. Jackie

    I would totally give up our privacy to finance my kids!!! I am a single mom on disability, and I am just barely getting by on the skin of my teeth. I would LOVE to be able to give my kids a vacation (we've NEVER had one), clothes that are “in fashion” now, not months ago,and just in general be able to say yes to them once in a while!!! I would do just about anything at this point to earn some decent money!!!!

  37. statin

    They've already announced what they're going to announce.. the group over at vostuu found out already and uploaded it to their site. But they make you do a questionnaire before they let you see the “behind the scenes” video where you can see Kate and Jon make the announcement. Anyway, it's over at

  38. Rebecca

    What a joke. Jon abusive? Have you ever watched the show? Or an interview? Or read an article? Kate is constantly belittling Jon. She is constantly talking down to him and treating him as if he is inferior. He can't do anything right and he is always wrong. I dont blame him for cheating on her, if he did. She is a materialistic self centered control freak. I hope, for the kids, they do divorce. The hostility in that household is not healthy for them. It does not do children good to see their parents tearing each other down. I don't think they are getting a divorce though, I think they are stopping the show. I dont blame them for that either. Image what the kids must be going through. The twins are old enough to read the headlines, see the news flashes, and I am sure the kids at school are talking about it. Not a healthy environment for children at all. Its just sad.

  39. Rebecca

    Are you serious.. being a parent means you cant get drunk when your not even with them? Get real, I would love for you to try and find one person who hasnt been drunk since the had kids. Just because you are a parent doesnt mean you give up yourself. Kids are better off when their parents actually have lives and something to teach them.

  40. seaya47

    Obviously you have no children AND a husband who is also a child. Jon is nothing but a 12 year old…give me a break! Kate was dealing with 9 children here and Jon made it sooooo obvious when he stated how “EXCITED” hw was to leave and get on with his life. Where, in that interview was he thinking of anyone but himself? DAH! He's a jerk! At some pont in time the “adult” has to reprehand the child….Kate was doping her job!

  41. Lisa T

    So sorry for Kate’s kids, they are beautiful kids. kate needs to grow up and act and DRESS like a mother. She has 5 daughters that she is teaching it is ok to dress like a HOOKER. She needs to COVER herself up and stop being an embarrasment to her children. She only wanted new show for herself not foe her kids. KATE GO SHOPPING FOR MOTHER CLOTHS>

  42. Lisa T

    Amen, it is her fault he left and I am glad he did. She treated him like one of the kids. He needs to do something about the way she dresses in front of those poor kids.

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