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Mila Kunis’ Alleged Stalker Nabbed Outside Gym

Mila Kunis may be secretly dating former That 70’s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher, but the seemingly omnipresent erstwhile spouse of Demi Moore wasn’t there for a recent incident that likely unsettled the actress.

On Friday May 4th, Kunis was heading to the gym to get her work-out on when contact with a man police have confirmed has engaged in past stalking activities caused some hassle for the Family Guy star. Kunis hit the Body Maxx Health Club in Beverly Hills with the intent of working up a sweat, but was forced to go hide out in her car after the scary incident.

It isn’t a matter of specific record whether Mila Kunis is specifically being stalked, and probably for good reason- media coverage tends only to feed into stalking obsessions in those prone to perpetrating the behavior.

But website the Daily Fill happened to be present for Mila Kunis’ scary stalker run-in, and the site reports that the star was “accosted by the suspicious looking individual, possibly a local homeless man” and that “within minutes, her security team and about six Los Angeles Police squad cars swarmed at the location.”

The LAPD later confirmed:

“The call for service came out because the individual is affiliated with a stalking investigation. Sounds as if there has been some prior contact with this person.”

mila kunis dating ashton kutcher

A witness to the whole brouhaha told the Daily Fill:

“Mila was really happy that they caught the guy, and someone who looked like her bodyguard said something about calling ‘the DA.’”

The man believed to be Mila Kunis stalker was described as scruffy and bearded, wearing jeans and a hoodie and appearing to be “dirty.”