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The War on Women [Left and Right]

Howard Dean and Michelle Bachmann

A central theme in the Democrat’s reelection strategy seems to be accusing the Republican party of instigating a War on Women. I am not really sure where I have been the last six months, but a war? Seriously, the Left really needs to take a look at why it must keep using Class Warfare as a means of trying to win elections.

A big issue in the upcoming elections is going to focus on voting blocs. Women, African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Whites, Men and Veterans are all going to be targeted voting blocs for the Democratic Party. What I am finding hard to believe is that the Democrats are acting like this election is the same as 2008. It isn’t and the strategy that captured these blocs is going to completely backfire in 2012.

I will go into the specifics of each bloc in a second, but let me first rehash 2008. Everyone with a pulse was sick of George W. Bush. Bush was not the racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic war monger that the Left and the rest of the country thought he was. Bush’s problem is he allowed everyone to define him without ever trying to define himself. Bush was an elitist who thought himself above everyone else. This type of person is easy to turn giant voter blocs against, especially running a candidate with hardly any track record who is willing to directly appeal to each bloc.

2012 is different because now Obama has a record to run on. He has to defend his policies, which in a lot of cases, angered large percentages of the voting blocs. Here are a few examples.

Jews: Only African Americans turned out in higher numbers to vote for the President than Jewish voters did. They saw in Obama a return to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt days, when government would become an instrument of good that would create jobs at home and peace overseas. Yet after three years of President Obama blaming Israel for every ill the world can conceive and trying to force them into a peace agreement with hostile neighbors Jews are not as enthused. Obama hasn’t figured out that Israel for Jews in not as much about the country but a barometer of how a person feels about Jews in general. Many American Jews are for a peace agreement with the Palestinians and want to avoid a war with Iran, but that doesn’t mean that Obama needs to criticize Israel for doing what is necessary to defend their country. Many Jews are questioning whether Obama really does have ill will towards their community and their votes and more especially their money might not be as strong in 2012.

African-Americans: Let’s be honest about this one, African-Americans are not going to vote for Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney really offers no policies to help the African -American community. But for a voting bloc that turned out 93% in favor of Barack Obama they really expected more from him. Obama has basically spent a lot of time trying to pursue policies that would bring him more Hispanic voters, more women voters and many other voting blocs, but he has largely ignored the African-American community and their issues. Romney doesn’t need their votes to win in November, he just needs them to stay home.

Women: This is the biggest mistake the Democrats are making in this upcoming election cycle. Somewhere someone convinced the Democrats that the only thing necessary to placate women voters was to make sure that they continued to receive their birth control pills. Women, who make up the largest voting bloc in the country are anything but uniform. Women are mothers, wives, single mothers, executives, house wives, soldiers and every other type of person in our society. To believe that they will be placated with birth control pills and support for Planned Parenthood is not only stupid, but it really risks sending votes to Romney’s way. There is a reason that Romney is making a jobs argument directed towards Women. Women care about real issues as much as men do and they will absolutely vote that way. The Democrats have milked this one for a while now and they are beginning to see it back fire.

Back to the original point of this column and that is class warfare. We are living in a time where Americans are facing enormous challenges. Unemployment is still above 8%, the national debt has doubled in less than 4 years, consumer confidence is low, the income gap is widening and Social Security and Medicare are close to bankrupt.

Recently Howard Dean, the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and former Governor of Vermont scoffed at the idea that Women would vote for Mitt Romney. He ridiculed the person who said it as if they had no brain in their head. Who said it? Michelle Bachmann, a Republican woman. Is Dean that out of touch that he thinks that Bachmann is the only woman who voted conservative? If the Democratic Party thinks it can ignore these problems and focus on birth control and other trivial issues they may find themselves watch President Romney’s inauguration on television in January.

Left and Right is a three times weekly column by Inquistr writer H. Scott English examining the hottest political issues of the day, the candidates running for public office and the 2012 elections.

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22 Responses to “The War on Women [Left and Right]”

  1. Robert Miller

    You don't seem to understand women to well yourself.Yes there are some women that will vote their God issue. But the pill is not just birth control ; it's also for health and the demoocrates are the ones supporting equal pay for women.

  2. Kelly Gypsy Dalager

    "If the Democratic Party thinks it can ignore these problems and focus on birth control and other trivial issues they may find themselves watch President Romney’s inauguration on television in January."

    Other trivial issues? WTF?
    Yeah, the Republican party involved in a war against women…they aren't alone, are they? Wonderful to see how reproductive health issues for half the population is seen as "trivial"! (Idiot!)

  3. Anastasia Stacey Keenan

    You have lost your mind. The War on Women is not some made-for-t.v. bull. There are thousands of bills being introduced on the state level that attack women's freedoms. Class warfare is a term used by the one percent to try and make us think that it's the 99% that is wrong.

  4. Sheila Kotze

    H. Scott English… You seem to be off track.. especially for someone writing an article here. The Dems didn't start this whole topic of women and their rights… The repubs had already started the ball rolling before Dems ever got around to the bith control issue because the repubs don't want us to have any. They are either trying.. or actually are passing laws left and right to take away not just birth control. You don't mention the Ledbetter act.. the banning of abortions.. or forced vaginal probes, the bill saying women are considered pregnant two weeks before conception so they can shorten the length of time a women has to get an abortion. And the list of women you made.. mothers, teachers, ect.. a lot of them use Planned Parenthood for most if not all of their womens health.. for regular pap smears, cancer screenings ect… what about the whole.. "single mothers are destoying America" and "breeding more criminals". I could go on.. but suffice it to say.. it was the republicans that suddenly shifted gears and started going all things women and deciding to take our decisions and rights away based on their religious beliefs.

  5. Gordie Dickerson

    I may not know women in general but I listen to my two that are voting age. In particular my 21 year old who looks at the worry of a mistaken pregnancy is a worry she don’t need in pursuit of her career. Not just for health reasons but to become impregnated while trying to start a career can be a major setback. B/C does take away from employer’s one excuse for trying to get rid of you.

  6. Suzanne Emmett Staples

    Divide and Conquer- He's done a pretty good job of it. I'm constantly amazed that so many seemingly intelligent people of both sexes buy into war on this and war on that.

  7. Glenn Coates

    "Bush was an elitist who thought himself above everyone else." ok, so change the word Bush to Romney. Now what do the Republicans do?

  8. Anastasia Stacey Keenan

    I wish it were all just a media hoax…but those 2,000+ bills in state senates across the country tell a different story…

  9. Bette K. Stewart

    Suzanne, it is not an armed invasion, but it is definitely an invasion … in many definitions of that word. Into our sex lives, and even more important into our health issues. I'm 75 years old, but I have sympathy for younger girls and women who might have to live under the rules of the unsympathetic Republicans who have no problem entering our personal lives, even though they are supposed to be forever telling government to keep out of our business. Hypocrisy at its ultimate.

  10. Sherry Blair Hogan

    Well we have the republicans making thousands of bills against women's rights, republicans making comments against women serving in combat, republicans saying contraceptives are dangers to the country, republicans calling women who want birth control covered by their health insurance sluts and prostitutes, republicans not wanting to renew the Violence Against Women Act, republicans going against Planned Parenthood who try to help women, and we even have people who call themselves Christians bombing Planned Parenthood and other women health clinics. If it were Muslims that were doing all these things then they would be terrorist but since they're christian conservative republicans then it's to much to call it a war on women.

  11. Kelly Gypsy Dalager

    "War is the continuation of Politik by other means"
    "War is thus an act of force to compel our enemy to do our will." – Carl Von Clausewitz

    I'd say that this defines well what American women are up against, wouldn't you? War does not always mean "armed conflict".

  12. Suzanne Emmett Staples

    Bette, Hypocisy is visited on both sides of this issue. Women want the gov't to validate and impose their wishes as law of the land, as long as it is as they wish it to be. Abortion, birth control, pick your poison. Abortion is not my cup of tea, but if that's someone else's decision, so be it. Birth control and/or B/C health issues, fine go get'em. I'm just fed up with being expected to foot the bill. If you don't want the gov't in your business, don't invite them in. People of whatever gender need to take responsibility for their actions and get off the gov't tit.

  13. Katie Irvin

    Your whole commentary on the war on women made absolutely no sense. How is this tactic backfiring for Democrats? Republicans are trying to turn Obamacare's incentive to make religious organizations cover women's contraceptive care in their insurance plans into a "freedom of religion" argument, which, when you're denying a type of health care to women who would have it covered by any other institution in the country, seems less like "freedom for religion to not be infringed upon by the government" and more "allow our religious bigotry to continue." A lot of morally reprehensible stances that have been defended by being "religious" in nature (such as slavery, racism, sexism, women in the military, women wearing PANTS, etc) have in the past been regulated by the government. This is no different. The entire foundation of our country's constitution rests on the fact that all citizens be given equal rights. If a woman works for a secular hospital and the insurance she gets covers her basic womens health needs, and another one works at a religious hospital and the insurance refuses to cover her basic health care needs, is that equal, to you? She can't just "find another job", not in this economy. A religious institution's beliefs CANNOT be forced upon the populace in government mandated legislation, especially when they provide a service to the public (who may not share their beliefs) and especially when religious belief interferes with the basic health and care of a human being. Meaning, that these institutions are not allowed to practice sexism and claim it's a religious belief that needs to be protected. They have to offer this type of care for all women, because it's a part of a holstic women's health program. If a woman's religious beliefs conflicts with this type of care, she need simply not take birth control. ITS THAT SIMPLE. But it's HER choice, and her's alone to make…not her bosses. THAT"S what this is about, not whether or not birth control is moral, but whether or not an employer has the right to decide that FOR his or her female employers.

    This is what the Democrats seem to be pushing home, that Republicans are denying women the right to have power and control over their own physical and mental health care. And that seems to be fact. And it seems to be working. I sure as hell am not voting Republican any time soon, and almost every woman I know echoes this sentiment.

  14. Kelly Gypsy Dalager

    Suzanne Emmett Staples – This had nothing to do with being on "the gov't tit", as you said. It is about insurance coverage for women by certain employers.

  15. Eric Blumentritt

    Who said anything about the govt. paying for abortion and birth control. The issue is about the removal of access and equal coverage under private insurance plans. If insurance companies will cover Viagra and other male sexual drugs then they also need to cover female birth control. The choice of whether or not to use B/C should be between the patient and the doctor. Without getting into the nitty gritty of our convoluted health care system, this is all paid by the end user using insurance that they either pay for or their employer provides. -How about we get the industrial military complex off the govt tit?-

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