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Eli Manning SNL: Giants Quarterback Hosts Saturday Night Live

Eli Manning SNL

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning, who has two Super Bowl wins under his belt, played the role of host on Saturday Night Live.

With comical monologue and a pun at brother Peyton’s expense, Eli’s sketch comedy experience was quite entertaining.

At the end of the show, Manning could be seen wearing mascara, lipstick, and a crazy wig as he portrayed a drag queen.

For an ordinary human, performing live sketch comedy in front of 100 million viewers induces nausea, as the notion of failure often weighs heavy on the mind. But Manning is certainly no ordinary human as the Super Bowl XLII MVP performs exceptionally well under the immense pressure of playing in the National Football League, so performing live on Saturday Night Live appeared to be a walk in the park for the professional athlete who breezed through his responsibilities as host of SNL.

Manning, who was drafted as the first overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the Chargers, called Saturday:

“Definitely the third-most exciting night of my life. I finally feel like a real New Yorker. It took a few years, but now I’m an expert.”

After instructing the audience to visit Olive Garden in New Jersey for good New York City Italian food, the 31-year-old QB from Louisiana stated:

“Hey, I play for the New York Giants, and all my games are played in New Jersey.”

He poked fun at the Little Brothers as he discussed one of his favorite hobbies:

“I get some bulky shopping bags and three of the fattest kids I can find… then we all walk hand-in-hand next to each other in Times Square, slow as heck. It’s so fun.”

What were your thoughts on Eli Manning’s performance hosting Saturday Night Live?
Eli Manning SNL Promo Video:

Source: Fox Sports

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2 Responses to “Eli Manning SNL: Giants Quarterback Hosts Saturday Night Live”

  1. Joe L Cascio

    As a Texan fan, I must say Eli has more class than most of the NFL quarterbacks and players. He is a true gentleman with a great sense of humor and humility.

  2. Kadyam Raja

    ust awful. The entire episode was just…awful. I understand the appeal of having sports figures or non-actor celebrities host, but come on, it’s a comedy show. Get someone on there with SOME comedic talent please. NY Giants QB Eli Manning Host SNL May 5th 2012 Full Video watch here.. after comment pls..

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