Inflatable minion

Giant Inflatable Minion Takes Over Dublin Traffic [Video]

It seems one very large Minion is trying its best to take over the city of Dublin in Ireland. The inflated Minion completely shocked drivers as it rolled into a busy road and blocked traffic for miles.

The inflatable Minion, star of the Despicable Me and the Minion movies, was around 40 feet high (or rather long, as it lay and rolled on the road) and several motorists caught the incident on camera, including the video above.

The darn thing just barreled down the road right into the traffic on a busy Dublin road.

It turns out the huge inflatable Minion had been tethered (rather badly, it seems) at a nearby funfair, but managed to get loose at around 3pm Monday. According to the Irish Mirror, roads were busy due to an Irish bank holiday, and the Minion caused chaos.

While some drivers were shocked and irritated, others found the whole incident incredibly funny, with everyone getting their phones and cameras out to capture the event. Luckily there were no damages or injuries involved.

Various photos were taken, showing crowds of bystanders assisting the Garda, or Irish Police, deflate the gigantic inflatable Minion in order to get it off the road.

The various photos of the inflatable Minion have been virally doing the rounds on the social media, causing much hilarity. As can be seen throughout this article, the Twittersphere was abuzz with rumors of Minions taking Dublin in their quest to take over the world.

A possible reason for the escape of the inflatable Minion could be the fact that Marvel’s Ant-Man shattered the Minions film at the box office, drawing $58 million in the opening weekend, as reported on the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Getty Images Entertainment]