Tupac Alive and Well – Spotted at a club in New Orleans

Notorious Rapper Tupac Shakur who was ‘allegedly’ killed in a shootout in Vegas 13 years ago, has been spotted partying it up at a New Orleans night club.

TMZ is reporting that Tupac is alive and was photographed at a bar on Burbon Street in New Orleans over the weekend. After looking at the photos, the man does have a striking resemblance to Tupac – The facial features, bald head, goatee, nose ring, etc… but over 13 years, people age and the person in the photos looks pretty much exactly like Tupac did 13 years ago.

TMZ says they didn’t get any DNA evidence (???) but the photographic evidence is enough for them to say Tupac is alive.

Maybe they’ll find Elvis working at a pizza joint in Fresno next.

[Photo credit: TMZ]