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Tupac Alive and Well – Spotted at a club in New Orleans


Notorious Rapper Tupac Shakur who was ‘allegedly’ killed in a shootout in Vegas 13 years ago, has been spotted partying it up at a New Orleans night club.

TMZ is reporting that Tupac is alive and was photographed at a bar on Burbon Street in New Orleans over the weekend. After looking at the photos, the man does have a striking resemblance to Tupac – The facial features, bald head, goatee, nose ring, etc… but over 13 years, people age and the person in the photos looks pretty much exactly like Tupac did 13 years ago.

TMZ says they didn’t get any DNA evidence (???) but the photographic evidence is enough for them to say Tupac is alive.

Maybe they’ll find Elvis working at a pizza joint in Fresno next.

[Photo credit: TMZ]

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22 Responses to “Tupac Alive and Well – Spotted at a club in New Orleans”

  1. John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    And people wonder why I avoid TMZ like the plague. Keep Harvey Levin away from Las Vegas, or else he'll “discover” that Tupac isn't the only dead celebrity who's actually alive. Waiting for the “Marilyn Monroe alive and performing with Elvis” headline – not.

  2. Bbb

    FAKE….this guy got no ear lobe…Tupac did…look it up for yourself

  3. Biggie

    that aint tupac i seen that nigga dead with a blunt in his mouth and a 40 hes gone fellas

  4. Kevin

    I mean..also..come on…we need some tats to know for sure…but undeniable evidence right here….you can “DRESS UP” to look like Elvis or Marylin….but u can't just walk outside..or be born…looking just like someone else…you gotta doctor that. Like no 2 finger prints are the same…just doesnt happen that way…

  5. Johnny

    This does look alot like tupac and I wish that would be him. And it does look like he aged a bit there is some grey in the goatee. But I think if tupac was really alive he wouldn't have been able to keep his mouth shut for this long. Would be nice if they had a front view too.

  6. ?????????

    this ishh is soo FAKE 2pac is dead and qone people what the fuck do he look like de same 13 years agq. i am 13 and i would not look like a 26 year old and Bbb is rite he do got an ear lobe..qooqle iht ya selfff

  7. ZeZe

    this is some fake shit damn, just look at the way he is positioned haha come up wateva lowlife pussy done this is seriously stupid

  8. greatone

    i dont man hes a little chuncky to be tupac i wish it was to i mean maybe it would be a glimmer of hope in the ever more dying hip hop scene but i say shananagins to the photo…….i hope the prayers that our families make…shine upon his soul and keep him safe…..and all the homies that done past away…..step foward and greet him as he pass the gates….and as he heads to the tunnel of light………i hope it leads to eternal life……..we say a prayer for the homie pac…… homie

  9. typical

    typical black guy at a club. doesn't mean its tupac geez

  10. Damian Andres Gudino

    haha you're retarded cuz in all his pics it's on his left

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