Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S III: New Cell Phone Is Bigger And Better

Samsung rolled out their new phone, the Galaxy S III, at a press event in London, which Samsung described as an “unpacking.” The new cell phone boasts enhanced hardware over its’ predecessor, Samsung’s Galaxy S II, in addition to a roughly half-inch larger Super AMOLED screen which measures in at 4.8 inches.

Galaxy S3’s will run Google Android OS version 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, but it’s not the screen or the operating system that really differentiate this beast from the rest of the sophisticated cell phones available today, it’s the features that really set this phone apart.

For starters, the latest Galaxy S allows you to call a contact that you’re text messaging with by simply lifting the phone to your ear. In addition to automatically initiating phone calls by detecting the physical gesture of bringing the device to your head, this impressive cellular phone can quickly and painlessly transfer files between other Galaxy S 3 phones by simply tapping the phones together while S Beam does all of the work.

For those who frequently utilize their phones to view streaming videos online, “Pop up play” allows for the user to surf the Internet or answer e-mails while continuing to view the playing video in moveable popup window, a small box, which lays on top of other apps.

An impressive 8-megapixel camera boasts a number of Samsung enhancements including:

  • – No lag time between the time you snap a photo and the actual capturing of the image.
  • – Capturing still photographs while recording HD video
  • – Burst mode, allowing for 3.3 photos to be taken per second
  • – The ability to take photographs in rapid concession, in less than 1 second intervals.
  • – The tricks certainly don’t end there for this quad-core Exynos processor powered cellular device with its 1,280 by 720 pixel screen.

Samsung’s Galaxy S III release date is scheduled for the end of May in Europe and June for those in the United States. An LTE version of the phone is not expected until late summer for U.S. residents. Carriers for the phone have yet to be announced.

Galaxy S III Video Review:

Source: Y! News