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Adam Lambert sings Feeling Good on American Idol (video)


It was Rat Pack night on American Idol this evening, and our favorite Idol contestant Adam Lambert picked Feeling Good as his song choice.

Feeling Good was once sung by Sammy Davis Jr., so it qualified for the night, but it also has a long history in covers, including Nina Simone, Muse, Michael Bublé, The Pussycat Dolls, My Brightest Diamond, George Michael and Joe Bonamassa, giving Lambert a range of inspiration in picking his interpretation.

He didn’t disappoint. Coming on stage dress in a white suit, he started the song in a controlled fashion, building up to a massive note right near the end.

Randy said that the performance was a little too theatrical, a little drama-filled, but he’s in the zone. Kara says she finds Adam shocking and confusing and sleazy and superb. Paula says simply: “You make me feel better than good.” Simon says that Randy’s comments are strange, and Adam wins.

Here’s the video of Adam Lambert signing Feeling Good on American Idol April 28:

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29 Responses to “Adam Lambert sings Feeling Good on American Idol (video)”

  1. labelle

    Thank you sooo much!You are always the first in posting the vids!I m always sooo exited and really cant wait to see Adams performances!
    he s fantastic,I love this song!!!!!I love this guy!!
    Bets for him from the G-lambert girl in Peru!!

  2. labelle

    Thank you sooo much for posting the vids of Adam so fast,every tuesday I just cant wait to see his performances!
    I love this song and his version is just unbelievable!

  3. nish

    thank u so much for posting the video up!! im from new zealand and we get the show a week late – which is just tourture :)
    i think everyone else is jus competiting for second place – adam's a sure winner!
    wish there was some way for me to vote haha .. cheers!!

  4. Momma56

    Adam draws you in with his charisma, style, and above all his vocals. He has that commanding presence on stage, that “IT” factor as the judges would say….very professional and I can't understand why he doesn't have a release already. Whether you like or dislike….you have to give credit where credit is due and this young man rightfully deserves it by far.

  5. garrym

    Tne song was not done “simply and uptempo” in the Broadway musical. It was sung in a semi-operatic manner–and stunningly so–by the magnificent Gilbert Price (R.I.P.), who played the character named “Negro.” If you saw this performance or heard it on the original-cast album, you would never forget it.

  6. kellie

    Adam is awsome… would love to see him and sabastian bach in a sing off.hehe He is an incrediable singer and I cant wait for his first big release to comeout..His career will definatly have longevity great job:)

  7. Julia

    He is mesmerizing! While the other remaining contestants are good, they absolutely pale in comparison. Adam is way out there in a league of his own. What a showman!

  8. eel

    47 year old infatuated with a 27 year old. Nothing to do with looks – he's inwardly stunning. However, not sure I want him to be stuck in a American Idol path and waste his theater skills. Remember Daughtry? He really needed to lead his own life outside of AI.

  9. JESS

    OMG i loved it
    i know that adam will so be the next american idol
    u r the best thing that has ever happened to american idol
    i never even used to watch it until i heard u singing
    u rock

  10. Lorri

    I thought from the beginning that Adam would be the next idol- he certainly has alot of talent and I look forward each week to seeing him perform. I do, however, want to express that I feel each of the remaining five idols have talent & this is the best year for all around talent yet. I think they are all great- So as of tonight, Matt has moved on and I know he will do well with his future. I want to say how surprised I was that Adam was in the bottom two- I think he deserved more. Now to throw a dig at that jackass Ryan…. I thought it was awful how he put Adam in such an uncomfortable situation when asking him what group he thought he belonged in – either with Allison & Danny, or with Kris & Matt. I thought it was an unfair thing to do….. Anyway, GOOD LUCK Allison, Danny, Kris & Adam!

  11. Victor

    He is amazing, can't wait for his solo career to start, huge fan from Australia

  12. Joann

    How in the world this performance fell into the bottome three is incomprehensible. How it fell in the bottom two is … what's beyond incomprehensible? This is the winner. The contest is for second place — I think between Allison and Danny, with Allison winning. I guess the lesson is not to assume that everyone else in America is voting for Adam and to vote for him, yourself. I simply cannot get my head around this vote after that performance.

  13. phine

    adam's performance was fantastic!!! love it so much. the way he controlled his voice was amazing. truly a great singer and a performer. love you even more….

  14. fancy lady

    wowwww Im from New Zealand…. and Adam isssssssssss the winnnerrrrr by a longgg shot.. hes got style personality and charisma.. but most of all .. a spectaular voice.. you goooooooooooooooooo Adam.. we love youuu



  16. Wendy

    me a kiwi at home too, I hunted around to find this video because I couldn't wait 'til friday night…not his best song, my favourite is 'mad world ' but he is the deserved winner with Danny a distant second. Adam is in a league the others simply aren't.

  17. webhush

    He looked great in his white suit as he came down the flight of stairs. He stopped halfway and started to sing, giving a memorable performance. Adam seemed to be in control on stage and got mixed comments from the judges.


  18. Sabrina

    i don't think he should be on the show n e more. he should have already been signed on a label. every performance is like he is guest artist performing for the show. he is eons ahead of the other contestants. i really think some one needs to sign him, get him off the show so the contestants that are really needing a leg up can have it. they are just two totally different categories: Adam and then others

  19. K

    that's what t what I'm talkin' about!!!!!! Freddie Mercury, and Elvis with a little Minnelle thrown in! They can say what they want but he is an entertainer!!!!Boo Adam for picking the right song, the right entrance….the right everything. He is a showman!

  20. Joann

    The producers manipulated Last Comic Standing so much that Drew Carey and his co-judges walked out. In subsequent seasons, the manipulation was increasingly blatant until it just wasn't worth watching the show. If the AI producers are pulling the same manure, and I think it's obvious that they are to some degree, AI could go the way of LCS. There is more than enough INHERENT drama that manipulation can't be thought necessary by even the most greedy producer/sponsor. These are real people with real families and friends, and they all have feelings, as do the viewers.

    If this is not producer action but “backlash” as some kneejerk more-righteous-than-thou ignoramous speculated, then SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you and your ilk. This is a singer's contest and that is ALL that matters. (And I play on the opposite team, or at least I did a gazillion years ago when I played.)

  21. american1970

    Can't get any better than Adam! If I believed in reincarnation, I would think he has come back with the charisma of Elivs Presly and Freddy Mercury all in one! :) Adam is simply the best talent to ever walk the Idol stage…

  22. Jim

    I feel that no more has to be said… ADAM LAMBERT IS A TALENT. I am ready to buy his album and am allready a great fan.

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