The 100 season 2: Clarke and Lexa

‘The 100’ Season 3 Spoilers: Casting News, Plus When It Picks Up

The 100 season 3 may not be scheduled to air on the CW until the midseason, but fortunately, that does not mean that fans are not going to get teases about what to expect, including some information about new characters. It does, however, mean getting this information might make the wait for new episodes seem that much longer.

[Spoilers from the end of season 2 ahead]

When the second season of The 100 ended after the alliance with the Grounders fell apart, Clarke had had to make the tough decision that resulted in those in Mount Weather dying in order to save her people, and then she left the rest of the group and headed off on her own. Meanwhile, Octavia had found a place with the Grounders, but with the alliance no longer active, there is the question of what that means for her moving forward. Elsewhere, Jaha came across a mansion and a mysterious A.I. with a missile, and Murphy found a bunker.

So where will season 3 pick up? According to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jason Rothenberg revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con panel (where they also unveiled a sizzle reel that you can watch below) that there is going to be a time jump, and it will be a couple months later with Bellamy pretty much having no choice but to take on the role Clarke left behind. What does that mean for where Clarke went after she left the others?

Nothing good, according to Eliza Taylor.

“What she did at the end of the season was so huge and traumatic. She’s running away, which is very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up, I think she’s going to be losing it a little… She’s not dealing with it particularly well.”

Lexa – and the Grounders – will be part of the third season, and while things might not be as tense as expected after the alliance fell apart, they may not stay that way, according to the EP, who teased that they will be getting into the Grounder world and mythology.

“When [Clarke and Lexa] come together for the first time, there will be fireworks in a way we’ve never seen before because Clarke is pissed. …There’s a lot of bad blood on certain levels, but when we come back, the war is not on and the tension has been released slightly, but that won’t last for very long.”

Speaking of the Grounders, one of the new recurring characters in The 100 season 3 that has been cast is Roan, a “rogue Grounder warrior who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.” Roan will be played by Black Sails‘ Zach McGowan as reported by The Wrap.

Another new recurring character is Pike, played by Sons of Anarchy‘s Michael Beach, according to EW, and he is a “tough and charismatic member of the Ark with a staunch moral code.”

The 100 season 3 will air in the midseason on the CW.

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