Miley Cyrus Snubs Homeless Guy in London – Fans Outraged

Miley Cyrus refused to give change to a homeless guy in London last week and after her fans got wind of it, a lot of them are not very happy about it.

Miley Cyrus was confronted by a homeless man while on her way to London’s Nobu restaurant after attending the UK premier of her “Hannah Montana: The Movie” this week. According to a British tabloid report:

“She refused to lighten its load by parting with cash for the poor chap outside, who politely asked for some change.

Britain’s Star tabloid writes:

She made the schoolgirl error of missing the charitable photo opportunity that a gaggle of stars have taken advantage of with the infamous beggar.

And here’s what some of Miley Cyrus’ fans over at have to say about her refusing to toss the homeless guy some change:

“That was so nasty. Why’d she do that? She just ignored him.”

and another says:

“It was a real eye-opener to see her treating that poor homeless man so badly.”

Now now Miley, you should have known that when the cameras are pointed at you, you need to be nice to people who may not be as fortunate as you. For a couple of quid you coulda looked like Mother Teresa to the entire world.