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Miley Cyrus Snubs Homeless Guy in London – Fans Outraged

miley cyrus

Miley Cyrus refused to give change to a homeless guy in London last week and after her fans got wind of it, a lot of them are not very happy about it.

Miley Cyrus was confronted by a homeless man while on her way to London’s Nobu restaurant after attending the UK premier of her “Hannah Montana: The Movie” this week. According to a British tabloid report:

“She refused to lighten its load by parting with cash for the poor chap outside, who politely asked for some change.

Britain’s Star tabloid writes:

She made the schoolgirl error of missing the charitable photo opportunity that a gaggle of stars have taken advantage of with the infamous beggar.

And here’s what some of Miley Cyrus’ fans over at have to say about her refusing to toss the homeless guy some change:

“That was so nasty. Why’d she do that? She just ignored him.”

and another says:

“It was a real eye-opener to see her treating that poor homeless man so badly.”

Now now Miley, you should have known that when the cameras are pointed at you, you need to be nice to people who may not be as fortunate as you. For a couple of quid you coulda looked like Mother Teresa to the entire world.

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26 Responses to “Miley Cyrus Snubs Homeless Guy in London – Fans Outraged”

  1. K

    How many of us actually give our money to these people, most of whom are con artist who just want our money. Yeah, these people are homeless, so we should feel sorry for them, but at the end of the day, don't be outraged at a celebrity for not giving money, as most of those fans who were, probably wouldn't give away their money. We always expect celebs to be perfect, but HELLO, they're just people!

  2. Amy

    Just cause she's a celebrity doesn't mean she has to give money out to randoms that don't work. I'm not a celebrity and I don't give to beggars on the street.

  3. cheyenne

    ok she shouldve given him the money we all know that but its not her fault maybe that “homeless” guy should GO GET A JOB OR SOME SORT OF CAREER!!!!!!!!!! seriously people just get over yourselves and drop it she could have had her own reason! u dont want people up in ur bisness constantly do u? thats wut i thought!

  4. Holli

    Maybe she didn't have change on her and People should let it go because if it were a regular person who subbed the homless man, no one would care.

  5. Dee

    Type your comment here.Let's see. No pictures of the homeless man. No pictures of Miley near a homeless man. Only the word of a paparazzi who said he saw the homeless man, Just imagine, a paparazzi without pictures. This begs the question: Did the paparazzi donate any money to the homeless man?

  6. michelle

    just another lame reason to make her seem like a bad person is there nothing this girl can do right cant they go and find real storys in the world to moan about and leave the poor girl alone

  7. Annabel

    This is soo stupid
    why are you picking on Miley??
    Anyone wouldnt even give the person a fiver so why are you starting something??
    she's not mother teresa so expect her to be

  8. ari

    Just imagine you yourself, being put into this position. Sometimes you give a homeless guy change and sometimes you don't. Honestly, i bet 3/4's of you wouldn't have any stopped for him. She's only sixteen and nobody should be “outraged” about any of this. Stop trying to find the most ridiculous flaws within her. Everyone's going to say things and she ignores them like a smart person, but for you citizens to feed off of this kind of thing is very crude. Save it for your pity party. Okay?

  9. D33j4y

    OMG that is just pathetic! Homeless people CHOOSE to be homeless! They can get all the support they need but they refuse! It's their ownn fault.. Good on Miley!

  10. Brian Rainarie

    who cares!!!! he can just go to the local theatre and get free refills on everything! god!!!!! i never give change to a homeless person so it doesnt matter

  11. Qwerty

    Here is why; I don't know if it's the same in the UK, but the majority of homeless people asking for change are a) not homeless, or b) (most commonly) going to spend it on booze, cigarettes, drugs, or all of the above. The way all teens are raised by their parents is to not give them money, because they almost never spend it on any actual thing. And I live in Toronto, and I have met people who fake being homeless, they tell you if you wear winter coats in the summer it will get you more change. If they need money, they can get a job, in this day and age, there is a McDonalds on every corner, and someone is always looking for a lug to flip burgers.

  12. mileyfan

    this is the biggest bunch of bs i've ever seen. fyi: THE FANS DON'T CARE. stop making crap up. second, the average person turns down a homeless man, and you don't even know her circumstances. she could have been in a hurry, she could have had no spare change. wow, you tabloid people are complete airheads. hahaha this is so pathetic (on your part, NOT miley's) that it's funny. please,, you guys try wayyyyy too hard

  13. You will never know.

    Umm..Well I think that she should have gived $ to him.
    I mean shes rich anyways..whats a handful of change gonna hurt her?
    She would have actually probably would have had more ppl that are fans if she did that

  14. gavin

    Yeah.. A homeless person is a person that is someone who is lazy..
    They dont get a job, they distance themselves from people.


  15. Jordan

    While it is my personal belief to now give money to homeless people, or help starving African babies, as a huge star, who will be the subject of criticism for everything she does, she should have given him some money, just for her “image” or w/e.

  16. jwalton4th

    If you want to help the homeless, give your money to charities that help the homeless. NEVER give money directly to a homeless person! You are just rewarding their behavior. Kudos to Miley for refusing to give change to the person in question. And one other thing to think about. Maybe she wasn't even carrying cash? In this world of credit cards and debit cards, you can get by without having cash.

  17. John E. Bredehoft (Empoprises)

    I think that Paul – and Dee – have gotten to the meat of the issue, which was what Miley did or didn't do when the cameras were running. Ignoring for the moment all of the other issues – Miley's wealth, Miley's age (does Billy Ray want his kid approached by unknown men?), Miley's previous gaffes – there's the underlying thought in the Star article that Cyrus should have staged a charitable event that could be recorded for posterity. Of course I'd bet that the Star would be the first one out of the gate, slamming Cyrus for staging something just because the cameras were around. Or, if Dee's right, weren't around – Dee's phrase “a paparazzi without pictures” is priceless.

  18. Nancy

    oh please!! come on! give her a brake! can you write about something that matters??? like her success?!!?!? Hannah Montan: The Movie was a total success..!!

  19. A


  20. Pat

    Yes, that would be a real shame if Miley had to part with a “dollar”. Why change, why not much, much more? Keeping in mind, she could claim it on her tax return that is if she files a tax return. Miley has gone from a very sweet young woman to much less than that and what a shame the message she is sending to the young girls who want to be like her someday. Her Dad said he and her mother were watching Miley to make sure she did not “turn into” the likes of the others (Lindsay, Brittany, etc.), but what does he think she has turned into now with the “older” boyfriend”, the low-cuts and revealing skin. Come on Daddy –

  21. Alan Daly

    what a load of rubbish miley is a waste of space in every her music is talentless anyone could do it, as for ignoring a homeless person what a scum bag bitch go back to america and don't come back to this country.

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