Kurt Sutter Premieres ‘The Bastard Executioner’ Newest Teasers ‘Kneel’ And ‘Scythe’ [Watch]

FX has released two short promo videos for its upcoming medieval drama, The Bastard Executioner, which is set to premiere this coming fall. The clips, titled “Kneel” and “Scythe,” offer a first look at Kurt Sutter’s newest series.

The Bastard Executioner centers on a warrior knight, Wilkin Brattle (Lee Jones), who is under the charge of King Edward III. Brattle vows to leave his life of war and violence behind and seeks a more peaceful existence. However, after violence once again becomes a part of his life, he is forced to pick up his sword and become the executioner.

The first promo video, “Kneel”, shows Jones as Brattle kneeling down with his sword in what looks like a church.

The video was accompanied with the caption, “Pray you don’t cross his path. The Bastard Executioner, the epic new series from creator Kurt Sutter, arrives this fall on FX.”

The second promo clip is shorter than the first and features Brattle walking through a wheat field while carrying a Scythe. As Brattle swings the tool, it turns into a sword and a fight ensues between Brattle and a few other men.

Along with Jones playing the lead role as the warrior knight, the new series will also feature a number of exciting cast members. According to MStarz, Stephen Moyer (True Blood) is set to play Milus Corbett, an ex-soldier and former marshal who is the chamberlain and chancellor in the series. Additionally, Matthew Rhys will be appearing in a recurring part as Gruffudd y Blaidd. Blaidd is a noble individual who leads a group of Welsh rebels.

Furthermore, a few of Kurt Sutter’s former Sons of Anarchy stars are also set to make an appearance in The Bastard Executioner. Katey Sagal, who played Gemma Teller on SOA, will be playing the role of Annora of the Alders. Annora is a mystic type character who predicts the future, cures diseases, and brews her own potions.

At the same time, Sutter himself will be playing a part in the series. Sutter, who played Otto Delaney in SOA, is set to play the Dark Mute in his new series. The Dark Mute is a silent character with few lines and rarely shows his face.

Although a definitive premiere date has yet to be announced by FX, the first season of The Bastard Executioner is scheduled to include 10 full episodes and will premiere in the fall.

[Images Courtesy: Kurt Sutter via Instagram]