Teresa Giudice Expected To Bring Lots Of Drama For $1 Million — Or Be Fired

Teresa Giudice is rumored to be returning to Bravo next year, as she will be filming the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The network has placed a hold on the show since Teresa is serving her time. Many fans thought the show wouldn’t be the same without her, so Bravo decided to wait until she was released. These days, Giudice has nine months left of her sentence, but she could be released earlier.

In fact, Giudice could be pondering the offer from Bravo. Earlier this week, it was rumored that Giudice would be receiving $1 million to return to the show. That is a hefty paycheck considering Teresa has no money to spend. It was revealed in her court case that her companies were making next to nothing in earnings.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teresa Giudice is now being asked to bring lots of drama for the money she would be receiving. Apparently, that kind of paycheck doesn’t go to just anyone.

“There was a lot of anger and disappointment towards Teresa because there was this sense that she held back,” an insider has revealed, adding, “It was extremely frustrating for the show because Teresa wasn’t bringing the drama that the fans had expected.”

Part of the drama requires Giudice to be completely transparent about her life. That could mean she would be filmed coming out of the jail, spending time with Joe before he is locked up, and even visiting him there. Melissa Gorga has revealed that she thinks they will stay together despite the prison sentence, so Giudice probably won’t throw her husband under the bus.

“Producers told her in no uncertain terms that they want more table flipping, and less of the quiet PTA mom they saw last season. If producers feel (Giudice) is holding back from the drama, she will be fired immediately, and won’t be paid her $1 million salary,” the source continues, revealing that producers are “eager to film Teresa and Joe together before he goes off to prison. It’s expected that Joe won’t surrender immediately after Teresa gets out, and producers will want Teresa to ask him about allegations he cheated on her behind bars.”

Producers may also want Giudice to discuss her husband’s legal troubles, including how he betrayed her by keeping her out of their business dealings. While she may have signed the documents, Joe didn’t tell her that she was signing false papers and committing fraud. Giudice claims she has learned her lesson, but Bravo may want her to express her honest frustrations. According to the Inquisitr, this pay raise has also caused some trouble within the cast.

“Teresa has never wanted to say anything negative about Joe in the past, including the ongoing infidelity claims. But it’s now very different circumstances because (Giudice) needs that Bravo check to pay off the remaining restitution she owes in the bankruptcy fraud case,” the insider reveals, adding that her co-stars are also demanding extra money. “Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, is demanding a significant raise, and wants to be paid $1 million too. Dina Manzo is also seeking a bump in pay. Jacqueline wanted to be paid as much as Teresa too.”

Do you think Teresa Giudice’s pay raise should come with demands?

[Image via Bravo]