Who Killed India Clarke? Another Transgender Woman Of Color Dead

The battered body of 25-year-old India Clarke was discovered this week near a Tampa, Florida, playground, and her death is attracting the attention of more than just locals. New York Daily News reports that the Florida woman was discovered between a set of basketball courts and a children’s playground at the Tampa University Area Community Park. Her body showed signs of blunt force trauma.

While authorities say they believe she was murdered, they haven’t announced any persons of interest. A disturbing fact is hovering over this seemingly run-of-the-mill murder, however. The victim is a transgender woman of color, and she is the ninth transgender woman of color to be killed in the U.S. this year. On the other hand, the Palm Beach Post reports that it may in fact be the 10th homicide of its kind. This isn’t to say that any of the cases are related, however. Meanwhile, in California, the 11th murder of a transgender woman this year has been reported.

The death of Sandra Bland has sparked the social media hashtag #SayHerName. However, the hashtag is also being used to bring attention to the plight of transgender women of color. Actress Laverne Cox has led the social media push for awareness of this growing issue. India’s murder, along with the other homicides of her kind, have added fuel to a growing social activism campaign. Frontiers Media reports that protests are planned in Fresno, California, surrounding the murder of another transgender woman. Meanwhile, the mainstream media is being taken to task over Clarke’s gender identification. Similarly, police in Tampa have come under scrutiny for referring to the slain woman as a “man dressed in women’s clothes,” when she identified in life as a female.

Will authorities in Tampa find out who killed India Clarke, or will her case end up unsolved like so many across the country?

Photo: WetPaint/India Clarke