Palutena Amiibo Exclusive To - Image courtesy Nintendo

Palutena Amiibo Will Be Sold Exclusively At Amazon Starting July 24

There’s no time to rest, amiibo hunters. The Palutena amiibo is being released on Friday, July 24, 2015 exclusively at Amazon for customers in the USA and Canada.

The official Amazon Palutena amiibo product page encourages interested customers to sign-up for an email alert indicating when Palutena will become available on the website for purchase. An email with all the details is scheduled to be sent out on Tuesday, July 22, giving customers a few days to plan accordingly. (Update on 7/22: Per Amazon’s email, Palutena goes on sale at 2:00 p.m. PST. There is a limit of one per customer and 1-Click Ordering will be disabled.)

Wave 5 includes only two amiibo figures: Dark Pit and Palutena. Both characters are part of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS collection and hail from the Kid Icarus game franchise. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Dark Pit is a Best Buy exclusive coming exclusively to physical store locations on July 31, 2015. Before Amazon’s announcement, I previously speculated that Palutena might be found in greater quantities across all retailers along with additional amiibo restocks. It is now clear that won’t be happening, as Palutena amiibos will not be appearing in any physical store location.

As far as other retailers and restocks are concerned, Target is selling their exclusive amiibo characters via Target: Jigglypuff and Rosalina with Luma. Although both originally appeared in stores at launch, they are currently listed as “not sold in stores.” As of this article’s publication, Rosalina has already sold out, while Jigglypuff remains in stock. Other hard-to-find amiibo included in the restock (with many quickly selling out) are Pit, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Charizard, and Wario.

It remains to be seen if other retailers will restock rare amiibo in physical store locations or through their respective web stores. Walmart has yet to see a re-release of the elusive Golden Mario amiibo. Toys R Us has Lucario and Greninja as its exclusives, which many collectors are after to complete their Super Smash Bros. amiibo collections.

The Wave 5 amiibo release in July is the last before a slew of amiibo products launch this fall. Yoshi’s Woolly World gets the first plush amiibo in the form of green, blue and pink Yarn Yoshis. Animal Crossing will see the release of the new amiibo cards plus a collection of eight amiibo figures. Mario celebrates his 30th anniversary with two collectible, pixelated special edition amiibo. Bowser and Donkey Kong will also become the first toys-to-life crossover courtesy of a two-way switch making them playable as amiibo or in the Nintendo console editions of Skylanders SuperChargers.

Wave 6 of the Super Smash Bros. collection is scheduled for release sometime in September and includes Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Dr. Mario, Olimar and Bowser Jr.