Groomsman Backflips On Dance Floor, Kicks Bridesmaid In The Head [Video]

Wedding ceremonies seal the marital deal, but the real fun begins at the reception. The marital celebration is usually comprised of savory food, alcoholic beverages, blaring music, dancing, and candid photo opportunities which guarantee a memorable night of fun. However, a recent moment on the dance floor at one wedding has become quite memorable, but not for the reasons most would assume.

Apparently, one of the groomsmen got a bit carried away on the dancefloor; maybe he’d had one too many drinks, or maybe not. But one thing’s for sure, he definitely “turned heads,” and now footage of his jaw-dropping moment has gone viral.

On July 16, a clip of a groomsman and bridesmaid making their entrance into a reception hall was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop. The two were dancing to the heart-pounding beat of the music without a care in the word. However, their moment took a turn for the worse when the groomsman decided to get creative — and acrobatic. The groomsman decided to do a backflip on the dancefloor, but ended up colliding with the bridesmaid.

As the groomsman flips and makes his way toward the bridesmaid, he bluntly kicks her in the head and the two crash into a decorative column and floral arrangement. Immediately, the groomsman and another male rushed to the dancefloor to aid the bridesmaid, but their efforts were initially in vain. Toward the end of the video, she is finally helped off the dancefloor. However, further details about the bridesmaid are scarce. The jaw-dropping video has gone viral on numerous social media and video sharing sites including Facebook, YouTube, WSHH, and Reddit.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]