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EVO 2015 Kicks Off In Las Vegas, Pools Already Underway

The largest video game fighting tournament, Evolution 2015 (or EVO 2015), has kicked off in Las Vegas this morning, with thousands of competitors meeting up to make their stake in some of the world’s largest fighting game franchises. Competitors in Ultra Street Fighter IV, Super Smash Bros Wii U, Tekken 7, and others will take part in the three-day competition to hopefully be crowned champion at what is billed as the “largest, hypest tournament of the year.”

Friday morning kicks off with the game pools, pitting players against each other as they try and make it into the final rounds of their prospective games. While the main draw at EVO 2015 is Ultra Street Fighter IV (USFIV), the tournament will also host no less than 22 different side tournament events, including Guilty Gear XX, BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extended and Capcom vs SNK 2. AnimEvo put together a great resource for those looking to keep track of the side tournaments being held at EVO 2015. You can check out that resource here.

Players from around the world fly into Las Vegas each year to compete specifically in EVO 2015, which has been held in Vegas for over a decade now. Last year, French player Luffy took home the USFIV prize, beating out some of the world’s best players in one of the more memorable Grand Finals runs in recent memory. Who will it be this year? EVO 2015 is special because any player could come out of nowhere to compete with the world’s best in their chosen game. This year’s EVO 2015 line-up includes many of the top fighting games in gaming today.

In years past, EVO has also been home to some recent announcements in upcoming titles, including last year’s announcement of Raiden for Mortal Kombat X. Many panels are being held this year, but Capcom’s Street Fighter V panel might be the most anticipated, as many fans expect either a new stage or fighter to be revealed for the upcoming PS4 and PC title.

If you’re unable to make it to Vegas for EVO 2015, don’t fret — you’ll still be able to take in all of the tournament’s grandeur from the comfort of your home. EVO 2015 will be streamed on eight separate Twitch streams simultaneously for those who are interested in taking in everything EVO has to offer. You can watch just one at a time on EVO 2015’s official event page, or if you’re into watching multiple streams, you can catch all eight thanks to MultiTwitch.

Watching someone’s ascendence to fighting game greatness at EVO 2015? Sound off on who you’re rooting for in the comments below.

[Image via Shoryuken]