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Leah Calvert Talks Drug Test After Custody Battle As Corey Simms Expressed Concern In Her Prescription Pill Use: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek [Video]

Leah Calvert passed her drug test during Teen Mom 2 season six, and in a new sneak peek, via Us Weekly on July 16, fans see her in the moments after. As she juggled her busy life as a mother to three children, her five-year-old twins with Corey Simms, Ali and Aleaah, and her 2-year-old daughter Adalynn, Leah Calvert sounded hopeful that the test would come back negative.

“I took my drug test this morning, and I should get the results back in a few days. If I pass, this will be the only one I have to take and all of this will be behind me.”

Also in the sneak peek, Leah Calvert’s first husband, Simms, is seen talking with his father, Jeff, about why he demanded she take a drug test, and during their chat, Simms admits to being concerned about Leah Calvert’s prescription pill use, which she claims is for her headaches.

“I was just worried about her driving down the road jacked up with the girls in back… You can’t control everything so you have to make yourself now worry about what you can’t control… I can’t control Leah’s prescriptions, so I don’t know.”

During a prior episode of Teen Mom 2 season six, Leah Calvert’s lawyer was seen telling her that the judge on her custody case had been made aware of her prescription, and anticipated it would be found in her drug test. However, judging by Simms’ reaction to Leah Calvert’s prescription pill use, it’s not in the best interest of his girls.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Leah Calvert has been accused of abusing prescription pills in the past. As the fifth season of Teen Mom 2 aired last year, Calvert admitted to feeling “druggy” while using medication she had been prescribed, but eventually blamed her behavior on an allergic reaction. At the time, Calvert was taking medication to deal with her alleged anxiety issues.

During an episode of season five, Leah Calvert told her then-husband, Jeremy, “I’m about to start crying on you. When I first take that medicine, I feel calm and I feel like I can do stuff. I took half this time instead of a full one, and now I feel really messed up. I’ve never felt like that ever in my life. I don’t like feeling like that. I feel like I’m slurring, I just feel really weird and I’m freaking out. It helps me at first and then I start feeling like a damn druggie.”

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