Leah Remini Talks Leaving Scientology, Admits She Needed Therapy

Leah Remini has opened up about leaving Scientology, talking about the repercussions that came with ditching the religion, and admitting that she needed therapy in order to overcome the trauma.

A new clip from Leah Remini: It’s All Relative, her TLC reality show, has seen her open up about the aftermath of her decision to break with the Church of Scientology back in 2013.

The footage, which was obtained by People, via Fox News, sees Remini explain, “If you make a stink in the public world, they call you a suppressive person, which means the church has put a stamp on you that says you are bad. They then go to all of your family and friends and say you have to disconnect from this suppressive person.”

Remini also admits that because of all of the feelings that were beginning to emerge following her exit from the church after 30 years, she needed to join therapy.

According to Us Magazine, Remini added, “I decided that it’s be a good thing for me to start therapy because we all go through things in our lives, and with leaving the Church of Scientology, you know, there’s a lot of feelings, and I really don’t have an outlet for that.”

Remini then added the joke of, “Now I have somebody to talk to who could prescribe drugs… I joke!”

Remini also confessed that she’s tried to convince several members of her family to join her in therapy, especially her mother, who spent several decades as a member of the church. However, she admitted that because they are “not used to dealing with certain emotions with each other” they have yet to join her, even though she insists “it’d be very helpful.”

Meanwhile, the Church Of Scientology have since issued a response to Remini’s remarks in the clip, telling People, “It comes as no surprise that someone as self-absorbed as Leah Remini continues to rewrite history and exploit her former religion in a pathetic attempt to get ratings for her cable show and seem relevant again.”

The second season of Leah Remini It’s All Relative will premiere on Wednesday July 15, at 9pm on TLC.

[Image via Here Is TV]