Jack Osbourne Welcomes Daughter Pearl

On Monday The Talk host Sharon Osbourne told Ellen DeGeneres that she was about to become a grandmother to her son Jack Osbourne’s impending son or daughter.

Well, it looks like Sharon can finally call herself a grandmother, even if Jack’s baby was a few days late as she told DeGeneres, “Like its grandma, it’s late. I’m always late and this baby is late… It could be (born) any second.”

It seems like “any second” came on Tuesday, as People confirmed that Jack Osbourne, 25, and fiance Lisa Stelly, 25, welcomed an 8 pound and 6 oz baby girl that the couple decided to name Pearl. The name seems to be middle of the road when considering celebrities penchant for odd baby names.

There was no official announcement made from Jack Osbourne or fiance Lisa Stelly, but the reality star did retweet a tweet from one of his followers. The tweet stated, “HELLO! can exclusively announce the safe arrival of @MrJackO @lisamarstelly ‘s baby girl Pearl weighing 8lb 6oz. Love congrats to them!”

Back in November the reality star turned director had a bit to say about the impending birth of his daughter, saying how “excited” about fatherhood he was, and how he is “just really happy about the whole thing. It’s going to be a new chapter in my life!” Despite the pregnancy not being planned.

The pair were only a couple for a few months before Osbourne popped the question in September, sending a buzz of rumors about what the rush was about. In October the pair announced that they were indeed expecting.

Congratulations to the happy couple and the new grandparents.