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Carlie Beck: Cheerleaders Protest Playboy Photo Firing

Carlie Beck

Cheerleaders at a California high school are protesting the firing of their coach over a series of nude photos from Playboy. Carlie Beck — named in Playboy as Carlie Christine — lost her job at Orangevale’s Casa Roble High School after a parent found and complained about the images.

Carlie Beck

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Carlie Beck: The Playboy Photos

Carlie Beck was Playboy’s “Cyber Girl of the Week” earlier this year. A parent of a girl who was unable to try out for the cheerleading team reportedly brought Beck’s Playboy photos to the administration’s attention, leading to her termination.

Recently, a group of freshmen cheerleaders stood outside the school with signs stating their support for Beck. They chanted: “We want Carlie Back!” The girls told a local TV station they didn’t see anything wrong with Carlie Beck’s photos, saying she was an “amazing coach” and a “role model.”

Carlie Beck: Cheerleader Protest Video

The following Carlie Beck video shows the cheerleader protest, including the girls’ explanation for their support.

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One Response to “Carlie Beck: Cheerleaders Protest Playboy Photo Firing”

  1. Deb

    I hope she sues! They knew when they hired her and so what? She is gorgeous!
    You just made her life easier and sent her into the spotlight, giving her the opportunity to become famous and rich! She was doing a great job so next time worry about what your kid is doing in school!

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