Is ‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Leaving The Show? Plus The OG Of The OC Claims Meghan King Edmonds Is Trying To Be ‘Relevant’

Real Housewives of Orange County might be headed for some casting changes.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Vicki Gunvalson hinted that she might be ready to leave show in light of recent issues, which include the loss of her mother and constant feuds with fellow co-stars.

“This season my mom dies. Last season, I had situations with Tamra [Judge] and then I look at another season where I decided to divorce Don,” Gunvalson stated in the interview, leaving some to speculate that she might be getting ready to call it quits on the show.

With the most recent episode of the show featuring Gunvalson’s reaction to the devastating news of her mother’s passing, the reality star went on to state that she will leave the show when the bad aspects of it begin to outweigh the good.

“Yes. In the past three years I’ve thought about it [leaving the show],” she stated. “It’s been hard to manage my personal life and then my insurance career… I weigh it out every year and there’s always been more good than bad. When there is a day there’s more bad than good, then I’m done… I don’t live, breathe and die a TV show.”

While Vicki Gunvalson decides whether or not she will return to the series next season, the reality star also shared some criticism of co-star Meghan Edmonds. In a recent blog post, Gunvalson stated that Edmonds was just trying to be relevant when she excluded Shannon Beador from her charity event.

“This week’s episode shows that it is evident Meghan is definitely trying to be relevant amongst these woman,” Gunvalson wrote, adding “For her to feel compelled to exclude Shannon out of her party I don’t think was right.”

Gunvalson went on to explain why she decided not to go to the event and instead hang out with Shannon. “When I decided not to go to the charity event and instead be with Shannon, it’s because I didn’t want Shannon to feel alone that night. Knowing that all the girls would be together and Shannon not being invited would have been very hurtful to her. I would have expected one of them to do the same for me.”

Although the rumors that Vicki Gunvalson might be ready to call it quits on the show seem well founded, the reality star has yet to make an official announcement. In the meantime, fans can watch all the drama unfold as Real Housewives of Orange County continues season 10 Monday nights on Bravo.

[Image Courtesy: Bravo]