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Photos Of Prostitute In Secret Service Scandal Leaked Online

Several secret service members hired hookers during their stay in Colombia last week. One of the women, identified as Dania, wasn’t paid for her services and now the United States is embroiled in one of the biggest sex scandals in agency history.

The amount agreed to and the amount paid varies from source to source.

The NY Post reports that Dania, a 24-year-old single mom, agreed to a night of fun for $250. She was reportedly only given $225 by the agent. The NY Daily News reports that the agent completely stiffed the hooker and only gave her $28 for cab fare in the morning. TMZ, on the other hand, says that Dania was hoping for $800 for her services but the agent only paid $30.

Regardless of the amount, the result is the same. After an altercation with one of the American Johns, Dania alerted the Colombian police. After that, it didn’t take long before word reached the embassy that 11 secret service members and nine members of the military were involved in a night of drinking and prostitution while they were supposed to have an eye on the president’s safety.

The team involved with the scandal included members from the counter-assault, counter-sniper, and the agency’s “jump” teams.

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