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Jerly Lyngdoh, Worlds Oldest Baby discovered in India

jerly lyngdoh worlds oldest baby

Jerly Lyngdoh, the worlds oldest baby, has Doctors and Pediatricians in India scratching their heads.

26 year old Jerly Lyngdoh is only 84cm tall and weighs 22lbs, about the size of a typical 1-2 year old toddler. His features and head circumference are that of a small child. He also has the mental capacity of a child that age, making him, quite literally, the worlds oldest baby. In fact, according to the Pediatrician who examined him, the only thing adult about Jerly Lyngdoh are his teeth. His parents still dress him in baby clothing.

Lyngdoh has a rare pituitary condition known as pan-hypo pituitarism, which causes limited secretion of growth hormones from the pituitary gland. His condition is the opposite of progeria, or advanced ageing.

[Image Credit: Metro]

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5 Responses to “Jerly Lyngdoh, Worlds Oldest Baby discovered in India”

  1. Anon

    OMG this is so fake.
    1. Sure he's size should be the same as a 2 year old but he shouldn't be spotless, look at his feet.
    2. Of course this is in the middle of nowhere in India where nobody can check the facts.

  2. Dale K. Greene

    I call shenanigans. 26 years old and his PARENTS STILL DRESS HIM? Give me a break. Maybe he's stuck in the body of a toddler but why on earth would he still have the MIND of such after 26 years of living/experience? Ridiculous, and your article is notably sparse with any kind of truly identifying or amplifying details. Another suspicious point: if the subject has indeed been around for 26 years, why is this story only now surfacing?

    This reads more like one of those dubious stories that ends up being FWDed to every Inbox in the world, usually with some kind of smarmy/self-righteous or religious feel-good message tacked on.

  3. Annie

    Man! I never knew such a case! Its interesting yet strange! In India, huh? Hmm……..

  4. Vanessa

    Hahah, wow!

    That is amazing!

    I do feel kind of bad. He'll never find true love, get married, have kids, live a life….

    But the mother's probably like “I get to keep this child until I die! He never has to grow up and leave me! YESS!”


    That is pretty amazing, though.

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