Lanna Hamann, Dead At 16

Lanna Hamann Is Dead At 16, And The Probable Cause Is Likely Something You Consume Every Day

Lanna Hamann, a 16-year-old girl from Arizona, was on a vacation with friends in Rocky Point, Mexico, when she died after “something she drank” at the beach.

As more details emerged about her dietary habits, an unlikely but nonetheless dangerous culprit emerged as the likely cause.

Energy drinks.

Lanna’s mom and cardiologist Jack Wolfson agree that it was the girl’s obsession with Red Bull that led to her death.

Wolfson said that the “high levels of caffeine and sugar in energy drinks” were likely culprits.

“There is medical evidence that these things do harm, they can cause changes in the heart rhythm, and impact blood pressure,” he said in comments to KSAZ Fox 10.

Kris, the mother of Lanna Hamann, said her daughter (pictured above) had a “beautiful smile” and “outgoing personality” in comments reported by the Syracuse website, and warned parents to “make sure they’re watching their kids.”

“[Watch] what they’re drinking and [make sure] they’re drinking water instead of an energy drink,” she added.

Friends of Lanna said that the girl first started complaining of not feeling well after being out in the sun and drinking multiple energy drinks. (Alcohol was not involved.)

Shortly after taking her to a clinic, they reported that the girl went into cardiac arrest and never recovered. With her body in Mexico, that left her family facing a $19,000 expense to bring her home.

A GoFundMe fundraiser was started with the hashtag #GetLannaHome. It managed to exceed the fundraising goal, ending at just north of $21,000.

The family sent this message upon completion.

“Thank you thank you thank you!! Lanna has been returned to her home and plans are underway for her burial. It could not have been done without this community and its support! We have changed the goal to include her burial costs and funeral expenses…. You guys are amazing and Lanna is smiling down on us now!!”

This isn’t the first time that the Inquisitr has reported on the dangers of excessive consumption of energy drinks.

A study first published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology revealed specifically how they affect adolescents.

“One can (250 mL) of an energy drink per day is safe for most healthy adolescents.

Energy drink consumption before or during sports practice should be avoided.

Adolescents with clinically relevant underlying medical conditions should consult cardiologists before drinking energy drinks.

Excessive energy drink consumption together with alcohol or other drugs, or both, may lead to adverse effects, including death.

Parents should be taught potential adverse effects related to energy drink consumption.

Provide continual advice against over consumption/abuse of energy drinks.”

Do you think the death of Lanna Hamann should bring with it further regulation on the energy drink industry? How many do you consume each day or week?

[Image of Lanna Hamann via GoFundMe, linked above]