Shabani The Gorilla Is So Handsome, Japanese Women Are Congregating At The Zoo To Fawn Over Him

A rather attractive male gorilla over in Japan by the name of Shabani has got female visitors in such a stupor that they’re flocking to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Nagoya to see him.

Now, before you instantly dismiss this story as a huge exaggeration, I implore you to actually take a look at the aesthetically-pleasing beast, because he is one dreamy simian.

Told you. According to Rocket News, Shabani has actually been at the zoo for the last 8 years, having arrived there in 2007. However, it’s only been over the last few months that his looks have been gaining more and more attention.

It also appears as though Shabani has recognized just how popular he’s become, too. That’s because various photographs have started to emerge of Shabani in dramatic poses and staring deeply into the sunset.

Meanwhile, there have also been pictures of Shabani showing off his rather impressive muscles, and his pert derriere too.

In fact, according to BuzzFeed, the Japanese phrase イケメン has also been appearing on numerous posts about the ape. The above translates as Ikeman, and is usually only adopted when they are talking about handsome young men.

One post even made reference to both Shabani’s good looks and his popularity, as it proclaimed that “women [rush] in and [make] a crowd every day.” Shabani’s emergence has resulted in the zoo using the gorilla in promotional campaigns, while the zoo’s popularity continues to rise because of Shabani as attendance figures are skyrocketing.

[Image via Socio Rocket News]