Shia LaBeouf hospitalized

Shia LaBeouf Hospitalized After On-Set Head Injury

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been hospitalized after a minor injury occurred on the set of his new film. LaBeouf was filming the movie American Honey when he injured his head.

According to E! the method actor’s rep said of the star’s head injury, “Shia LaBeouf sustained minimal injuries late last night on the set of his current film, AMERICAN HONEY. As protocol, production sought out medical attention and Shia received stitches on his hand and for a laceration on his head. He is due back on set tomorrow.”

This isn’t the only time where LaBeouf has put himself in the way of danger while on set. While filming the Brad Pitt war drama Fury, LaBeouf cut his own face so that the makeup team didn’t have to use fake cuts on his face for a take.

His co-star Logan Lerman said of LaBeouf’s commitment to the role, “They [makeup artists] were putting cuts on Shia and I said, ‘Yeah, yeah, it looks good. And Shia was like ‘No, it doesn’t look real’… He walks out into the hallway and says, ‘Hey man, wanna see something fun? Check this out…’ and he takes out a knife and cuts his face… For the whole movie he kept opening these cuts on his face. That’s all real.”

According to a source, Brad Pitt warned LaBeouf about his reckless behavior. The source went on to say that he was, “trying to prove that he [i]s the most dedicated star.” The source continued, “He pulled out his own tooth during the first few weeks of filming and then refused to shower for weeks on end so he could better understand how his character would have felt living in the trenches.”

On the set of Charlie Countryman, LaBeouf took to method acting once again to experience the scene just as his character would. This lead the actor to taking acid, instead of ecstasy which is what his character took in the film. Of the experience he told MTV, “I’d never done acid before. I remember sending Evan Rachel Wood [LaBeouf’s co-star] tapes. I remember trying to conjure this and sending tapes. And Evan being like ‘That’s good, but that’s not but, that is. You reach out to friends and gauge where you’re at.”

As of right now we don’t know if method acting is the main culprit behind Shia’s latest injury, but it looks likely.

[Photo by Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images]