Teen Marquiz Turner Raped Girlfriend Under Courthouse Surveillance Cameras, Girlfriend Died On Way To Hospital

Sixteen-year-old Marquiz Turner was apprehended outside of the Montgomery County, Maryland Courthouse after surveillance cameras caught him raping his 19-year-old girlfriend outside. Security noticed the incident take place and quickly alerted the sheriff’s deputies inside. Once outside, they were able to apprehend Turner and call an ambulance for his girlfriend so she could be examined for further injuries. On the way to the hospital, the girlfriend was pronounced dead. Her death is still under investigation and Turner remains behind bars for his part in her rape and death.

The rape took place on June 12 after the pair dated for a month. Turner admitted to wanting sex while in a movie theater, but his girlfriend refused to return the request. As they left the theater, Turner attacked the girl and forced himself onto her to initiate a non-consensual sexual encounter. As he assaulted her, the act was captured by the courthouse cameras and lead to his apprehension, according to My FOX Chicago.

Currently, Turner is being charged with second degree rape, but could face other charges if his girlfriend’s death is connected to his assault, according to Ramon Korionoff, the Montgomery County State’s Attorney”s Office Spokesperson.

“Currently, he is being charged with second-degree rape. This is a situation where unfortunately she died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital and we are awaiting the medical examiner’s report to fully understand what transpired before we make any further charging decisions.”

The girlfriend was alive and able to speak to police before she was whisked away in the ambulance, sharing that she told Turner no and he forced himself upon her, ripping away her clothing before sexually assaulting her. Turner admits to raping her and knows it was wrong. However, he also claims that he was going to have sexual relations with her regardless of her approval, according to major crimes detectives as reported by WJLA.

“He was unwilling to accept ‘no’ for an answer, he was going to have intercourse regardless of [his date’s] objections.”

Turner is a sophomore in high school and is facing 20 years in prison if prosecuted for second-degree rape. If charged with his girlfriend’s death, he could face a much stricter sentence.

There are many theories as to what might have caused the girl’s death. However, authorities are waiting for toxicology reports to be returned before jumping to conclusions.

[Photo Courtesy: My FOX Chicago]