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‘Looper’ Trailer Released: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Plays A Time-Travel Mob Hitman [Video]

Who would win in a fight, Bruce Willis or Joseph Gordon-Levitt? It looks like we’ll find out in the new movie “Looper.”

Gordon-Levitt plays a mob hitman in the new movie who is tasked with killing himself. Or, a future version of himself, who is played by Bruce Willis.

Levitt’s character is a Looper, which apparently means that he’s in charge of killing people who get sent back from the future. He’s given the time and location, and when the future bad guy appears, he kills him. Everything is going all find and dandy for Levitt until his future self shows up on the killing floor.

IMDB writes: A killer who works for the mob of the future recognizes one of his targets as his future self.

It might sound a little confusing but it looks purely awesome.

The movie was directed by Rian Johnson and stars Gordon-Levitt, Willis, Jeff Daniels, and Emily Blunt.

Here’s the new trailer for “Looper.” And try not to think too hard about the time travel issues. As Daniels puts it in the trailer: “This time travel crap just fries your brain like an egg.”