Nasser Al Qasabi's ISIS 'Selfie' Video Inspires Beheading Threats From DAESH Jihadists

Nasser Al Qasabi’s ISIS ‘Selfie’ Video Inspires Beheading Threats From DAESH Jihadists On Twitter

Nasser Al Qasabi is a Saudi TV star who has begun receiving death threats after a new ISIS Selfie comedy routine deployed the weapon of laughter against the Islamic State. In response to the sketch comedy show being aired on Saudi-owned pan-Arab satellite channel MBC, DAESH jihadists have begun showering Al Qasabi with tweets threatening to behead him. But the comedian is laughing off these death threats so far.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, when an Islamic State commander made an ISIS selfie, the photo allowed the U.S. Air Force to strategically bomb the location within 24 hours. While the story was amusing to hear, some believe that discussing the incident publicly was a mistake that could allow the Islamic State to manipulate the U.S. military.

The work of Nasser Al Qasabi is hardly a state secret. The comedian mocks the ISIS terrorists using his Selfie TV show, and it features head-chopping antics, sex jihad, and other oddball scenarios designed to make a mockery of the Islamic State (you would think the official cat memes on the ISIS kittens Twitter page would have been enough).

As an example, one comedy sketch shows ISIS’ concubines market, which has a line of women abducted from the battlefield as sex slaves. When Nasser Al Qasabi’s character complains that the concubines are “forbidden by Islam” since they are just children, the ringleader responds, “Allah forgives!” The scene goes another step further by having an ISIS jihadist picking out a “moustachioed man in a woman’s black robe.”

In response to Nasser Al Qasabi’s TV show, the Arabic hashtag for #selfie has begun to go viral on social media. Many have applauded the ISIS Selfie comedy sketches, but others like Jaleeb al Jazrawi are claiming, “I swear to Allah that you will regret everything you have said. The Jihadists will not calm down until your head has been chopped off.”

In an interview with Al Arabiya TV, Nasser said he is waging his own type of war on ISIS with art, not violence.

“God is my protector. I’m an artist, and the artist’s essential role is to reveal society’s challenges even if he pays a price,” he said. “Warning the people about ISIS is the true jihad, because we’re fighting them with art not war.”

According to Albawaba, Nasser Al Qasabi’s Twitter account is overflowing with followers, but many of them are cursing and hating on him. While it is no laughing matter to have ISIS threaten to chop your head off, he says, “I’d like for them to calm down a little. Hey, it’s only the first day of Ramdan!”

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