Pike County, Kentucky: Two Arrests Made After Man Ran Naked Through Wal-Mart [Video]

Somehow, one man running naked through a Pike County, Kentucky, Wal-Mart led to two arrests on Saturday. Pike County Sheriff’s Department put out warrants for Timothy Smith of Phelps and David Daniels of Belfry on Friday after one of the men went into the South Williamson Wal-Mart to “cool off” in a rather illegal way. As of now, police have not officially confirmed which of the two suspects was the streaker.

The nude male was wearing nothing but socks, shoes, and a mask when he ran into the Wal-Mart. The streaker made a bee-line for the dairy section of the store while shouting he was “on fire.” Once there, the masked prankster began to douse himself with gallons of milk. Despite the odd claim, it’s very likely the naked man understood that he wasn’t literally burning up. After all, he was wearing a mask at the time of the incident.

The butt-naked individual ran out of the Wal-Mart and hopped into a waiting vehicle driven by a male suspect. The streaker and his friend fled the location immediately.

Footage of the naked man in Wal-Mart was posted to social media, and soon after began to go viral. A short time later, local law enforcement officials launched an investigation. Their efforts turned up Smith and Daniels, both of whom were reportedly taken into custody over the weekend. The two men are being held at the Pike County Detention Center without bond. According to officials, it’s possible that even more arrests might be made in connection with the apparent prank.

As strange as the incident was, it’s not unusual for a person to attempt to cool themselves off with milk, although the effort is more closely associated with eating something very hot, like a ghost pepper chili. That’s because the burning sensation in peppers is brought on by fatty oils called capsaicinoids. Dairy products like milk contain casein, a protein that “washes away” the burning sensation associated with extremely spicy peppers.

If the naked prankster was attempting to cool off after a hot chili related challenge, he was doing it wrong.

Naked pranksters and criminals have appeared multiple times in the news lately. In April, the Inquisitr published a story about a naked West Virginia woman who attempted to rob a convenience store. The nude robber was later identified as 30-year-old Drema Setliff.

What do you think of this bizarre pattern of behavior? Are people like the naked Wal-Mart prankster harmful to society? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

[Image Credit: Brandon Robertson]