Dark Souls PC To Use Games for Windows Live

Fans were excited to hear that Namco Bandai was bringing Dark Souls to the PC, but all of that excitement was rather quickly replaced with rage when the publisher revealed that the game would make use of the dreaded Games for Windows Live architecture.

For those of you unfamiliar with Games for Windows Live, the service is notorious among PC gamers for having a bunch of slow, clunky menus to sift through in order to play the game, seemingly random errors that disconnect you from the service for no apparent reason, and more still. When it works it’s serviceable, granted, but often enough it doesn’t quite work right.

It’s because of these issues, and more, that a vocal number of PC gamers have started up a petition, as they always do, to have GFWL removed from Dark Souls. Considering that the port is set for release in August, however, this isn’t very likely to happen.

“GFWL is unpopular, difficult to use, inconvenient, has terrible online support (a key feature in Dark Souls), and is downright unpleasant,” reads the petition letter written by one Big Mclargehuge.

“After anxiously awaiting a PC release for this fantastic game it feels like a real slap in the face hearing Dark Souls will use Games for Windows Live. We recommend Valve’s Steamworks in place, as this DRM is much easier to use, less intrusive, more reliable, and more accepted among PC gamers. Please reconsider the use of GFWL, or offer the game on both services. Thank you for taking the effort to port this game, but for a lot of customers it’s Steam or no sale.”

Would you mind playing Dark Souls by way of GFWL, or would you prefer to have a Steamworks version?

via 1UP