Boulevard Trailer Robin Williams

‘Boulevard’ Trailer Released: Watch The Trailer From Robin Williams’ Final Movie Performance

The trailer of Robin Williams’ last movie, Boulevard, has been released. The trailer, released earlier today on YouTube, is proving to be a huge hit, with it already crossing 120,000 views within a span of a few hours. Millions of Robin Williams fans across the world felt a bit emotional and nostalgic after seeing their favorite actor come back to life in his last ever movie, opines the Sydney Morning Herald.

In Boulevard, Robin Williams plays the role of a 60-year-old depressed banker named Nolan Mack, who confronts his repressed sexuality after meeting a young man named Leo. The movie depicts Robin as a man whose life did not turn out the way he wanted it to be. Williams struggles to keep his marriage alive, and it’s no better on the work front, either, where Williams (as Nolan) has been working for over 20 years.

“Nothing turned out the way I thought, I guess. And suddenly I’m 60 years old.”

The movie depicts how Nolan confronts the difficult questions related to his life that he previously used to skirt. Things like why he and his wife have separate beds, rooms, and separate lives. Ironically, some scenes from the trailer would make you feel as if the actor was really on the verge of depression before he took his own life. So natural is his depiction of Nolan.

Boulevard Trailer Robin Williams

Boulevard, at least from its trailer, looks like a must-watch movie, especially for all Robin Williams fans out there. The film is set for theatrical release on July 17 — exactly a month from now. This would also be almost a year after the world woke up to the devastating news of Williams’ death in August last year.

While Boulevard would be the final performance of Robin in a movie, his voice would be heard in the British comedy, Absolutely Anything, that would release sometime in 2016.

Are you planning to watch Boulevard?

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