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Chickens Abused At Foster Farms? Bob Barker Takes On Poultry Giant [Undercover Video]

Chickens were abused at Foster Farms, according to Bob Barker, former Price Is Right host and animal rights activist. Barker, 91, hosted a press conference on Wednesday to “expose” the alleged animal cruelty at the farm. An undercover video allegedly shot at the farm, which has widely been described as “disturbing,” was also shown during the same media gathering.

Bob Barker narrates the Foster Farms video. The farm where chickens were allegedly being abused is located Fresno, California. The video was reportedly taken not at the farm itself but at a nearby slaughterhouse run by the same operators.

[Video Warning: graphic animal cruelty footage may be difficult for some to view.]

The Foster Farms videos reportedly shows staffer throwing “bins of baby chicks” to the ground and causing serious injury. Some of the chicks appear to be unable to move after being cast to the ground. Adult chickens were shown being thrown, punched, and having their feathers plucked while hanging, still alive, on slaughterhouse hooks. Barker says during the video that the bodies of chickens which the “kill blade” missed were tossed into scalding hot water and boiled alive.

Mercy for Animals shot the Foster Farms undercover video. Nathan Runkle, the president of the animal rights group, stood with Bob Barker at the press conference. According to Runkle, Foster Farms did not take any steps to investigate or stop the chicken abuse when an “undercover” employee reported what was happening at the slaughterhouse.

Foster Farms video alleging animal cruelty that surfaced nine years ago.

The American Humane Association issues a “humane-certified” label to alert customers that the food they are about to purchase was raised and slaughtered humanely. Barker says the group certified chickens produced at Foster Farms. He also said that he once had the American Humane Association in his will, but now says he no longer trusts the group to protect animals. The groups was founded in 1877 and aimed to “ensure the welfare, wellness, and well-being of children and animals.”

Bob Barker had this to say about the American Humane Association after discussing the chickens abused at Foster Farms.

“I was suddenly made aware of what they really are, and I have absolutely no respect for the American Humane Association. I think they have failed miserably in their efforts to protect animals in the movie industry, and obviously they have failed miserably in any protection for animals in this food industry.”

A total of five Foster Farms workers were suspended after the undercover video went viral. Foster Farms responded to the claims of chicken abuse and animal cruelty in a written statement.

“Foster Farms has been made aware of an online video showing company employees in Fresno, California, mishandling birds in their care. We have already begun a comprehensive investigation to determine the source and location, including a fully cooperative effort with all appropriate authorities. The behavior of the individuals in this video is inappropriate and counter to our stringent animal welfare standards, procedures and policies.Since its founding in 1939, animal welfare has always has been a top priority for Foster Farms. We believe raising chickens humanely is simply the right thing to do, and we take our commitment to humane values very seriously.”

The Foster Farms release goes on to say that all agricultural workers are trained on the proper handling of birds and animal welfare policies annually. Any staffer caught “willfully” violating the farm’s animal welfare policy will be subject to “disciplinary action,” which can include termination.

What do you think about the Foster Farms chicken abuse claims and the undercover video depicting what appears, to many, to be outright animal cruelty?

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