‘Secrets and Lies’ Casting News: Who Will Detective Cornwell Be Harassing Next In Season 2?

There will be a new leading man on the hit series, Secrets and Lies, who will be the object of Detective Andrea Cornwell’s affections in season 2.

Actor Michael Ealy has been cast as the lead guy on the ABC show, which will begin during mid season next year. He was just recently seen on the now canceled Fox show, The Following, as a villain. Will he become a bad guy this time as well?

This crime-solving drama had many fans taking their best guesses on who was the actual criminal in the freshman season and now Deadline has the exclusive first details of season 2 that everyone has been waiting for. You can most likely expect more lies and maybe even bigger secrets this time around.

Ealy will be playing the role of Eric Warner, a happily married man who seems to have it all. He is a newlywed and is an heir to his family’s very successful business. Just as he is about to become the head of the private equity firm, he learns that his wife has been murdered. Enter Detective Cornwell, played by the unforgettable Juliette Lewis, who will use her extremely charming personality to lure the real murderer out of the woodwork.

The first season of Secrets and Lies was quite intriguing as we saw Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) trying to convince Cornwell of his innocence in the murder of little Tom Murphy. Everyone seemed to turn on him at some point and those icy cold stares from the detective would send chills down anyone’s spine. There were plenty of secrets throughout the first season and many lies, including one huge lie at the very end. It seemed to have everyone on the edge of their seats until the very end when the real killer was revealed. It was really kind of creepy when you think about it.

Juliette Lewis is the only original character who will be returning for the new season. The whole theme of this series is that Detective Cornwell will have a brand new case to solve each time with new suspects to blame. Secrets and Lies was renewed for another season as reported by Inquisitr in May. It was also announced that ABC was bringing a whole new cast aboard, except for Lewis.

Michael Ealy’s earlier works includes Sleeper Cell and Almost Human. Expect to also see this talented actor in his upcoming movie, The Perfect Guy, coming out in theaters in September.

It will be interesting to see how well he plays a widower in distress. Are you excited to see season 2 of Secrets and Lies?

[Image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]