Christy Mack Makes First Public Appearance As War Machine Trial Moves Forward [Video]

There’s no denying that the road to recovery and justice has been a long and difficult one for Christy Mack, former porn star and adult model, following the assault and rape that nearly killed her, perpetrated by ex-boyfriend MMA fighter War Machine. That journey was further complicated by news that War Machine has been taking steps to get some of the charges based on his attack of Ms. Mack dismissed from the indictment.

Instead, a judge has ruled that the individual known as War Machine will stand trial on all 34 counts for the sexual assault and attempted murder of Christy Mack.

A petition submitted to the court by War Machine’s defense attorney asserted that “evidence didn’t support two attempt murder, one burglary and one several sexual assault charges.”

The judge disagreed.

“I find that there is slight or marginal evidence to support these counts proceeding in this court. We are set for trial at the end of September,” stated Judge Elissa Cadish in response to the requests.

The charges stem from an incident that occurred on August 8, 2014, when War Machine entered Mack’s home and found Christy and another male together. War Machine, A.K.A. Jonathan Koppenhaver, attacked the male, who later fled the scene. War Machine then turned his anger on Ms. Mack, subjecting her to sexual assault and beatings that left Christy with 18 broken facial bones, missing teeth, a ruptured liver, and several broken ribs.

War Machine is scheduled to stand trial on September 28 on 34 counts that include charges of attempted murder, sexual assault, and kidnapping, though he still maintains his innocence.

During the hearing, War Machine interrupted the judge, demanding a lie detector test. Although a court officer silenced War Machine, the judge took his request into consideration and reminded him that lie detector tests were inadmissible in court.

Meanwhile, Christy Mack’s recovery has progressed to the point where she finally feels comfortable enough to make her first public appearance, since the assault that so drastically changed her life. The interview conducted by TMZ was posted only a few months after the attack and Mack already seems to have made much progress in her recovery. Christy realizes she couldn’t have recovered as well as she has on her own and she seems genuinely grateful in the interview.

“I’ve had alot of great support from my friends and my fans, so that’s definitely helping me alot,” Mack said of her recovery.

Currently, Ms. Mack seems fully recovered and already diving into a full life full of promise.

In addition to Christy’s make-up business, Ms. Mack’s Instagram reveals Christy participating in event appearances, enjoying the company of friends, and even showing of a pet spider. As her ex-boyfriend faces 25 years in prison for destroying Mack’s old life, Christy is all about building something new and better.

[Featured image: Christy Mack by ESPN]