Awkward Moment Level: Floor Dress

For many women attending social occasions — be it proms, weddings, or even birthday parties — the most awkward moment can occur when you turn up in the same frock as someone else. Imagine if it was worse than that, though. Imagine if you walk into a function and the floor matched your dress? Enter the most awkward social moment ever!

For Imgur user Beedat, this is exactly what happened when she attended a social function. When she entered the room, she discovered she was wearing the exact same outfit as the floor. One can understand color coordinating your outfits — but with the floor? Puh-lease! It seems Beedat, horrified at her awkward outfit moment, chose to hide her face while her photo was taken by a friend standing over her on a chair. “I didn’t really know whether to smile or not, so I just went with the safest option :P,” she captioned her awkward moment photo.

awkward moment floor dress full pic

So far, Beedat’s awkward moment picture has been viewed more than 2 million times. People have taken to Imgur with every type of floor joke they could come up with. From “Hey that’s a nice dress; though it would look better on the floor,” to “The floor is beneath you….but not in fashion style,” and even “Hide and go seek champ 2015.”

However, some are beginning to question whether Beedat’s dress matching the floor incident is a genuine “awkward moment” or just a very fashionable hoax. One Imgur user posted the picture below with the caption “Same girl at the beach.” Some have also noted the fact that the woman wearing flip-flops to a social event was evidence enough that the picture wasn’t an accident.

Awkward moment beach dress

And, of course, people are now starting to make references between Beedat’s floor dress with another dress that almost broke the internet earlier in the year; the dress that appeared to be different colors to different people.

Recently Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip had his own awkward moment when he wed former glamour model and reality star Sofia Hellqvist. When it was time for the prince to place the wedding band on Sofia’s finger, not only did he go to place it on the wrong finger, he then had trouble trying to get the ring on. Which just goes to show that it doesn’t matter who you are, everyone can become a victim of an awkward social moment!

What is the most awkward moment you’ve ever had at a social event? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image credit: Imgur]